Video: Britain First Mark Woolwich Anniversary By Turning Up At Muslim Hate Preachers Homes

In the video below, Britain  First activists marked the 1st anniversary of the Lee Rigby’s killing by barbaric Muslim extremists by taking a trip round London visiting the houses of notorious hate preachers Anjem Choudary and his sidekick  convicted terrorist Abu Izzadeen.  

Both Woolwich killers were part of Choudarys extremist circle which has gone under several names often being proscribed by the government where they change their name. Some of the previous names the group have used are Al-Muhajiroun, Muslims Against Crusades, Islam4UK. 

As well as the two Islamic extremist’s already mentioned the group includes many convicted terrorists such as Abu Walaa aka Abdul Muhid, who runs a website calling for the release of all Muslim prisoners, many of whom have been convicted of terrorist offences and been involved in the murder of many innocent people. 

The extremist group that became known as the ‘ Muslim Patrol’ in the press were also members of Anjem Choudary’s circle of hate. They made videos of themselves patrolling the streets of East London trying to enforce Sharia Law on the British public.

The Britain First “South East Brigade” carried out a blitz on Muslim hate preachers on the 1 year anniversary of the death of Lee Rigby, and ended the day with a Christian Patrol march in Brick Lane, East London.

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