Media Silence On Burton Muslim Grooming Gang Trial

Once again the mainstream media have chose to ignore a Muslim grooming gang trial. The trial is currently ongoing at Stafford Crown Court and involves six Muslims from Burton On Trent. The only coverage is from the local newspaper,  Burton Mail. 

The public have a right to know about the Muslim grooming epidemic happening across the UK. Keeping reports at a local level only stops the public being able to see the big picture.  You cant make a fuss or speak out about things that you don’t even know have happened

The Muslims on trial are:

  • Umber Farrouq, 21, of Belvedere Road, 
  • Anees Hanif, 19, of Norfolk Road, 
  • Haroon Hafeez, 18, of Waterloo Street, 
  • Matab Ali, 21, of Gordon Street, 
  • Ameer Arshad, 18, of Waterloo Street,
  • Junaid Ali, 20, of Shobnall Street,

Written byMARK MCKAY Burton Mail

18:54 Tuesday 20 May 2014

A TEENAGE schoolgirl at the centre of a sexual exploitation case has given evidence against her alleged attackers.

The 15-year-old from Burton addressed the courtroom from behind a screened curtain at Stafford Crown Court where the case is being heard.

Charges have been brought against six Burton men who are alleged to have come into contact with the girl during 2012 and 2013 while she was aged 14 and 15.

Umber Farrouq, 21, of Belvedere Road, Anees Hanif, 19, of Norfolk Road, Haroon Hafeez, 18, of Waterloo Street, and Matab Ali, 21, of Gordon Street, all face charges of sexual activity with a child.

Ameer Arshad, 18, of Waterloo Street, faces allegations of causing or inciting a child to engage is sexual activity and blackmail.

Junaid Ali, 20, of Shobnall Street, faces allegations of attempted rape, while Hanif is also charged with causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity. They all deny the charges.

The court heard that the girl told police officers she twice had sex with Farrouq in October 2012.

But Farrouq’s defence solicitor Balraj Bhatia said claims made the by girl about phone calls between the pair were inconsistent and the pair never had sex.

Hanifs’ defence solicitor, Simon Ripon, challenged the girl over her version of events, in which she claimed they had sex four times.

It is alleged Ali attempted to rape the girl at her home after Hanif introduced the pair last spring.

In a video interview with child protection officers played out to the court, the girl claimed Hanif told her they ‘always shared girls’.

Lefi Tsiattalou, defending for Ali, disputed this and pointed to a police document in which the girl said nothing had happened between the pair.

The girl said she initially had not raised allegations against Ali because she ‘did not want any trouble with him’.

The trial continues.

10 thoughts on “Media Silence On Burton Muslim Grooming Gang Trial”

  1. Teenagers are mixing more – but strictly Pakistani boys with white girls. Pakistani girls live under a virtual curfew and their brothers would respond with extreme violence if they went out with a boy – especially a non-Pakistani muslim, while happily dating white girls themselves.

    In Rochdale it is very common to see inter-racial dating, particularly amongst teenagers in gangs. It is not unusual to see mixed race married couples. It is also common today to see mixed race children in schools in Rochdale; at the primary school, there are two children in her class who are mixed Pakistani-white. There are more mixed marriages , but again only Pakistani males with white girls – most of whom are expected to make themselves as Pakistani as possible.

    Its quite something to see a white girl in the heart of her own country dressed in kurta pajama, sandles and a cardigan, with her hair in a plait and covered in a dupatta.When such marriages go wrong the woman is often cast adrft portayed as a slut and attempts may be made to take her children out of the country.

    So what some people have said about Pakistani men having no respect for white women is not based on any real facts.

    No one denies that there are some racist Pakistanis in Rochdale. Just as some white people think Pakistanis are inferior, there are also some Pakistanis who think that white people are inferior. Ignorance and prejudice is present within every community.

    The rapists in the Rochdale case did not say that they raped the girls because they were white. This is something the media and closet racists have cooked up. What is certain is that these men looked for vulnerable girls – they looked for the weakest members of society. It is true that all the girls that were raped were white, but the girls also had other common characteristics – all the girls were from a working class background, they all had drugs and alcohol problems and they were all from broken families or in care homes. It is these factors that made them vulnerable, not there race. The girls were not vulnerable because they were white; they were vulnerable because of the social factors I just mentioned. If these men found Pakistani girls who had alcohol problems or were in a care homes without any proper guidance, then these men would have tried to groom the Pakistani girls too.

    It is interesting that some people are blaming Pakistani culture or Islam for this. The exact opposite is actually true. The Rochdale men went AGAINST their religion and culture. Pakistani culture and Islam strictly prohibits alcohol, drugs, pornography, or sexual intercourse outside marriage. Pakistani culture and Islam is very strict in its prohibition against all forms of sexual offences or violence against any humans but especially women and children. The Rochdale men went against everything which Islam prescribes. If these men had followed Pakistani culture and Islam then they would not have done this. So actually we should be encouraging Pakistani Muslim men to follow their religion more closely. This is where I think the Pakistani and the Muslim community has an important role to play – proper nurture and education of men to what is acceptable behaviour.

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