Blackburn Muslim Jailed For Abducting Girls And Sexual Assault

Blackburn beast Zhaid Mohmmed caged for abducting and sexually abusing two teens he has picked up in his car with his  fellow Muslim sex pest  Imran Khan. Girls need it drilling into their heads in school that getting in a car with anybody they don’t know is dangerous. Especially  Muslim males who have a bad track record of committing sex attacks against women and teenage girls.

Blackburn pervert jailed for abducting girls and sexually assaulting one of them

Lancashire Telegraph: Zhaid Mohmmed forced himself on a 14-year-old girlZhaid Mohmmed forced himself on a 14-year-old girl

A ‘PREDATORY’ man has been jailed for abducting two teenage girls and sexually assaulting one of them.

There were dramatic scenes in court as the father of one of the victims stood up during the hearing and shouted: “He has destroyed my family.”

A judge heard how Zhaid Mohmmed planned to force himself on the 14-year-old after he and Imran Khan spotted the two youngsters walking late at night in Blackburn.

After picking them up in his silver Honda, the girls were taken back to Mohmmed’s house in Chester Street, where Khan raped the other girl who was 15.

While she was being attacked upstairs, Mohmmed, 44, ‘took advantage’ of the other youngster in the kitchen by attempting to kiss her and putting his hand down her pants.

Judge Heather Lloyd, who sentenced Mohmmed at Preston Crown Court, said: “She was understandably fearful. Understandable when one considers what was already happening upstairs.”

The court heard how the girls got into the car after being asked if they wanted a lift because it was cold.

Once inside, the men spoke in their ‘own language’ and the girls were told to keep their heads down so they could not be seen by police.

The pair asked how old the girls were and if they were virgins.

The teenagers were then taken to Mohmmed’s house, where Khan asked if he could use one of the bedrooms.

Father-of-three Mohmmed showed him to one and the older of the two girls was taken inside.

During the trial, the court heard how the youngsters were offered drink and drugs.

They left after the 14-year-old asked Mohmmed to help her get her friend.

Ken Hind, defending, admitted it was not the first time Mohmmed had been involved in an abduction. He told the court that when the defendant was 15, he was part of a gang that took a girl from a house she was staying in to Blackburn before she was eventually taken on to Birmingham by others.

But the barrister said: “He was involved at a very young age. There are no sexual connotations in this particular case and most importantly of all, it was in 1987.”

He added his client intended to remarry and that his future wife and sisters were in court to support him.

Mr Hind said: “This was an event that was isolated, something that, looking at his life, was totally out of character.

“Whatever happened on that night, he deeply regrets.”

Mohmmed was found guilty of two counts of detaining a child and a further two of sexual activity with a female child under 16.

Imran Khan, 36, of Tenby Close, Blackburn, was also found guilty of two charges of detaining a child and one of rape. He will be sentenced on June 20 to allow for the preparation of a medical report.

The Engage team at Greenbank Police Station, which supports child sexual exploitation victims, was instrumental in the prosecution of the two men.

Sentencing Mohmmed to three-and-a-half years in prison, Judge Lloyd told him: “The circumstances of the victims’ abduction and sexual assault represent sexual exploitation by older men. Sadly, this type of offence is not uncommon.

“You had been out in your car with Khan for hours when you came across these two girls at 3am. You were both seeking other women or girls for sexual activity.

“Even if you did not target these girls specifically, it did not take long for you to start speaking to them.

“Girls such as these walking in town at that time of night are clearly vulnerable. They do not have the coping skills to deal with predatory men like you and Khan.

“Clearly, your intention towards these girls was not innocent. I am quite certain of you intending sexual activity from the outset.

“You did not know what Khan was going to do, but I ask rhetorically, what did you think he was going to do when at his request you showed him into the bedroom?

“I believe your intention was to commit more sexual activity with the girl, but she was able to resist.

“There is no remorse for what you have done.”

Mohmmed, whose most recent address was given as Boardman Close, Bolton, will also be on the sexual offences register for life and has been made subject to a sexual offences prevention order.

He is now barred from working with vulnerable adults or children.

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