Video: Muslim MP George Galloway Talks About Beheading The Local Council

Muslim convert MP George Galloway talks about beheading the local council and that they “specialise” in that sort of operation!  

Muslim MP Galloway showing the world what a joke he is

Yes George maybe barbaric actions like beheading are a Muslim speciality. I can think of a few other Muslim specialities also…..such as sexual deviancy which is also one of Mr Galloway’s who has an interracial cuckold fetish. Another Muslim speciality is the taqiyya which the anti British traitor uses all to often to fellow MPs in parliament. Corruption and fraud is also a Muslim strong point and one which Galloway is all to familiar with. It was alleged Galloway was receiving back handers in the 100,000s in oil money from Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussain. Last but most definitely not  least Muslim speciality is terrorism which is almost exclusive to Muslims. Snake Galloway is a strong supporter of Hamas.

4 thoughts on “Video: Muslim MP George Galloway Talks About Beheading The Local Council”

  1. Remember his also claiming that bombing the Prime Minister would be ‘morally justified’ for Muslims, just for Blair having the temerity to help America bash a few jihadis:

    Galloway also said he wants to be prime minister of a newly independent Scotland. Now that’s a huge case for it to stay part of the United Kingdom on its own. Think of all those Muslim mentalists he could pack into that open space, ready for mayhem against the rest of us.

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