Disabled Man Attacked For No Reason By Muslim Thugs In Bradford

Only a couple of days ago i posted about a sickening attack by a gang of Muslims thugs in East London on two females who had been on a night out. It was the worst case of mindless unprovoked violence i had seen or heard about for a long time, 

Yet now only days later another equally disturbing  act of unprovoked cowardly behaviour from peace loving Muslims on Britain’s streets. Disabled man Richard Ibbotson was attacked for no reason as he used traffic lights to cross the road with the help of his carer in Bradford city centre. The Yorkshire town like East London where the previously mentioned attack happened is rapidly turning into a Muslim ghetto and is now experiencing the negative effects that Islamization brings with it. As anti social Muslims continue to behave like they are still in Pakistan, Somalia or Afghanistan. Violent, anti-kafir attacks, heroin dealing , sex crimes and grooming gangs are all now part of daily Bradistan life.

The two Nissan Micra driving Muslims responsible demonstrate typical Muslim behaviour targeting the most vulnerable in our society because they are repulsive cowardly bullies. I hope the pair of oxygen thieves are caught soon and accidentally fall, banging their heads while handcuffed being put in the police van. Because with all the 2 tier justice they will most likely get a suspended sentence.

Disabled Bradford man was punched during unprovoked assault in city centre

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Richard Ibbotson, of Cutler Heights, was the subject of an unprovoked attackRichard Ibbotson, of Cutler Heights, was the subject of an unprovoked attack

A disabled man was punched to the ground in a “sickening assault” as he tried to cross a road in Bradford city centre with his carer.

Richard Ibbotson was hit “two or three times” as he used a pelican crossing in Cheapside.

The attacker, who was a passenger in a dark green Nissan Micra, laughed when Mr Ibbotson’s carer, Melanie King, shouted at him to stop because he was disabled.

“It is really disgusting, attacking a vulnerable person like that,” said Mrs King.

Mr Ibbotson, 43, has severe epilepsy and learning and behavioural difficulties. He needs almost round-the-clock care.

Police are now appealing for witnesses to the attack, which happened on February 17 at about 3pm, to come forward.

Mrs King said: “We approached the pedestrian crossing at the Midland Hotel, waited for the lights to change, and crossed the road,” said Mrs King.

“I noticed a car coming down at great speed. It skidded to a halt at the lights. They looked at Richard and revved the engine and went back and forth, trying to intimidate us. Then the passenger shouted abuse, the car drove at us and swerved past us, while the lights were still on red.”

She added: “The passenger jumped out of the car and punched Richard to the ground. I shouted ‘stop, can’t you see he’s disabled’, but the passenger just laughed.”

The attacker and the driver of the Micra are described as Asian males, aged in their 20s.

Inspector Andy Gallant, who leads the City neighbourhood policing team, said: “This was a sickening assault on a vulnerable member of the community and I am appealing to anyone who witnessed this attack to contact police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”Mrs King added:

“It really set Richard back for weeks. He would not leave the house because he was so afraid.”

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