Operation Sanctuary Update: Now 86 Arrests In Newcastle Grooming Investigation

Latest update on the massive grooming gang investigation Operation Sanctuary from Newcastle and the North East by police, reveals that the total number of arrested now stands at 86, with 12 of those charged. The rest are on bail while further enquires are made.

The names of those charged by police so far certainly indicate a large Muslim involvement in the sexual exploitation of schoolgirls and women with learning difficulties. With over half of them sounding very Islamic and almost all non English

(thanks once again to Lynda for the h/t)

Operation Sanctuary Update

May 9, 2014, 3:20 pm

This is an update on the arrest and charging information for Operation Sanctuary.

There has been seven further arrests and one charge since the last update which was sent out on Friday, May 2.

The total number of arrests in connection with Operation Sanctuary is now at 86.

The total number of people charged in connection with the investigation is now 12. All those charged are now in the court system.

Officers continue to work with partners to speak to all the complainants to establish the circumstances and provide appropriate support.

Police are asking everyone to continue to be vigilant and report any information they have or incidents they have concerns about to officers.

Anyone with any information or concerns is asked to contact police on 101 ext 69191, quoting reference ‘Operation Sanctuary’, or the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Advice and support is also available via Victim Support on 0845 277 0977 or Childline on 0800 1111.

Op Sanctuary charges 

1) November 11, 2013
Badrul Hussain, 33, of Drybeck Court, Newcastle, charged with the rape of a female under the age of 16.

2) February 6
Jimmy Mukangara, 37, of Heddon View, Winlaton, Gateshead, has been charged with sexual assault.

3) February 15
Gurhan Sayan, 44, of Plunkett Tce in Chester le Street, was charged on February 15, 2014 with assault on a female by penetration. (added to Op Sanctuary when the scope was expanded).

4) February 17
Sail Uddin, 41, of Churchill Street, Sunderland, has been charged with two counts of sexual assault and possession of a controlled drug.

5) February 18
Abdul Jelilou Ouro Kefia, age 21, from Duncan Street in Walker, was arrested and subsequently charged with one count of rape of a female under 16.

6) March 13
Moses Ologbenla, 31, of Ellesmere Road, Newcastle, has been charged with meeting a female under the age of 16 following sexual grooming and non penetrative sexual activity with a girl under the age of 16.

7) March 17
Muhammad Imran Malik, aged 30 of Beaconfield Street, Newcastle has been charged on 17 March 2014 with kidnap and assault on a female by penetration.

8) Mohmmad Hajzeinolabedines, 28, of North View, Wallsend, has been charged with attempt to possess a class A drug. He appeared at North Tyneside Magistrates’ Court on April 12 where he received a 12-month conditional discharge.

9) March 18
Hafeez Cole Oye-Dada, 44, of Hampstead Road, Newcastle, has been charged with rape of a female under the age of 16.

10. April 1, 2014
Pienan Bisetoon, aged 22, from Waterloo Walk, Washington, has been charged with two offences of rape of a female under 16.

11. April 5, 2014
Spencer Andrew Barella, 20, of Crossways, Sunderland has been charged with rape.

12. May 8, 2014
Yassar Hussain, 24, of Farndale Road, Newcastle, has been charged with common assault.

When i last posted about Operation Sanctuary a Month or so ago there had been 62 arrests and 8 charged. A further 26 arrested and 4 more charged during the time between now and then. Northumbria police seem to be leaving no stone unturned looking for the evil men involved in sexual exploitation, to bring them to justice. The investigation is still on going so expect more of those on bail to be charged in the near future.

After the last update on this site i received a very suspicious visitor comment claiming to be a family member of one of the victims trying to intimidate me to remove the names and details of the paedophiles who had been charged. I suspect its more likely one of the groomers or a family member of those who had been charged by police.

Below is the visitor comment left and my reply to it. 

I ask for you please to remove this article. My sister and her friend are the reason Number 6 and Number 8 were arrested. They are not Muslims. They are Africans who are Christian. You don’t know the story surrounding their arrest (which I do – and no I am not telling you) and you are hurting the families involved. I am an 18 year old female who’s older brother is serving in afghanistan ATM…. guess what? HES HALF PAKISTANI, or yes A MUSLIM!!!!!! And he is in Afghanistan SO OUR COUNTRY IS SAFE. Now if you don’t remove this post I am informing the CID involved for my little sister and her friend, as the Northumbria Police had to remove it off their website. I give you 48 hours. YOU HAVE TO RESPECT THE PRIVACY OF THE FAMILIES INVOLVED and also are breaking the law being RACIST… setting up a blog website hating against MUSLIM. it is not only MUSLIM who do crime in the country. WOULD IT SHOCK YOU ONE OF MY FRIENDS WHO IS ENGLISH (WHITE ENGLISH!!) IS PART OF THESE RAIDS AND ARRESTS, YET HER NAME IS NOT LISTED HERE? WHY? BECAUSE SHES NOT MUSLIM!!

  1. Making threats will achieve nothing other than strengthening my will. Nothing will be getting taken down. All the information on this post is widely available in the public domain and in press reports.

    You can tell whoever you want as there is no law being broken.If i was you i would look up the definition of Racist before you make any allegations.Because last time i looked race and religion are two completely different things and Muslims are followers of Islam a religion NOT a race.
    As religion is in the mind i have as much right to object to it as you do to believe it. Consider it reverse dawah..

    I smell a taqiyya here anyway. Your Muslim brother is a soldier in Afghanistan, Your sister got the two non Muslims arrests yet your white English friend is one of the abusers who committed these repulsive acts.
    If your white paedo friend had been charged she would be on the list trust me. 8 nonces charged 8 nonces listed. So tell me why would a victims family be so bothered about the vile people who raped their children being named and shamed. If it was my child i would need to be restrained from doing them serious harm not making threats to try conceal their identity.

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