Muslim Paedo Spared Jail : Grooming Gang Victim Tried Killing Herself

Another stupidly soft sentence given to a Muslim grooming gang member for abusing under-age schoolgirls.Paedophile Mohammed Najib received a supervision order after it had been revealed that one of his schoolgirl victims had attempt suicide as a result of the abuse.  The convicted child abuser claimed he suffers from a psychotic depressive illness and as a result got a very soft sentence which was in no way suitable for such a serious crime. Prison should of been the only option where he could of still been treated for his mental health problems but rehabilitated and punished for his evil sex crimes.


Derby teenager who was sexually abused ‘tried to kill herself’

By Derby Telegraph  |  Posted: May 08, 2014

By Aly Walsh

  • Det Sgt Dave Brown, who was involved in Operation Kern.

  • The mental suffering of young sex-abuse victims can continue for years. (Picture posed by actor)

  • Det Sgt Dave Brown, who was involved in Operation Kern.

  • The mental suffering of young sex-abuse victims can continue for years. (Picture posed by actor)

A TEENAGER who was one of three girls paid by men for sex tried to kill herself because of what they had done to her.

The impact on her was read out in court as the last of nine men was sentenced for abusing girls after picking them up from the Normanton andPear Tree areas of Derby.

Mohammed Najib, one of the girl’s abusers, has now been given a two-year supervision order, which will be managed by the mental health service.

In August, a jury unanimously decided that Najib, 61, had paid for sexual services from a child on seven occasions in 2010. He had two victims. The jurors were told they could not find Najib guilty because he had mental health problems.

At the sentencing, prosecutor Sarah Lloyd read out to Derby Crown Courtthe effects of Najib’s and other men’s actions on two of the girls.

One girl’s statement said: “This whole situation has caused me a great deal of distress and had a huge impact on my life.

“I used to self-harm, although I don’t any more, but will have the scars for the rest of my life, which will be a constant reminder of what these men did to me.

“I tried to kill myself as I thought that dying would be better than carrying on.”

The other girl said the abuse had made her lose trust in all people. “I rarely go out on my own,” she said.

“Whenever I don’t feel in control, I have flashbacks of what these men did to me, as they had control of what they did to me.”

Judge Jonathan Gosling said that “a long line of reports” had been required to assist him in the sentencing of Najib.

The judge said that the only realistic option of sentence available to him was a supervision order.

The court heard that Najib had suffered from a psychotic depressive illness for 30 years but appeared to be responding well to treatment.

Najib must sign the sex offenders’ register and obey a sexual offences prevention order for five years.

He was also disqualified from working with children.

The eight other men received sentences, in September 2012, ranging from four to seven years for preying on the girls in 2009 and 2010.

Many of the men, who acted individually and did not know each other, plied the teenagers with alcohol, drugs and gifts before paying them for sex.

The men were all snared by officers under Operation Kern, which targeted those seeking the services of children for sex.

Following the sentencing, Detective Sergeant Dave Brown, of Derbyshire Police, said: “Justice has been delivered by the courts – the sentence was in line with what the judge could provide.

“Our primary responsibility was to the victims and they got the care they required.

“People should be able to feel that in Derbyshire they can come forward and speak to someone. There are many services now that will provide support.

“No-one should feel that they need to suffer in silence.”

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5 thoughts on “Muslim Paedo Spared Jail : Grooming Gang Victim Tried Killing Herself”

  1. This is getting stupid,I suffer from mental illness but they still sent me to prison for drink driving,quite there a different law for me because im white?

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