Un-Deportable And Un-named Somalian Refugee Jailed For Flouting Terrorism Order

Birmingham seems to be something of a magnet when it comes to British based Islamic terrorists. The cities Muslim enclaves are a  breeding ground for British based terrorists. It is also where an unnamed Somali terrorist lived who was jailed last week for flouting a terror prevention order against him

Don’t you just love how nice and friendly the British establishment are to our Muslim friends from around the world. They welcome them here with open arms regardless, give them free housing and benefits, access to our health service, free schooling for their 6 offspring. All paid for by the hard working British taxpayer whilst they work at snails pace to process  their asylum claim sometimes taking years to deal with. Even then the bogus ones we cannot deport most of the time as they claim human right infringements because their children are in British schools.

Despite loving our welfare system and the life of luxury it brings them, they despise our country and its people, refuse to integrate and accept British traditions and our way of life.  Some Muslims even actively participate in terrorism, plotting and scheming to bring down the very country that took them in.  Those who are caught then become a further burden to the taxpayer with court costs and imprisonment.

Even then the Islamist cannot be deported back to where they came from.  They have a right to a family life thanks to leftist do gooders.  Political correctness has replaced common sense. The terrorists even have the luxury of not being named and shamed. 

Remember who opened the floodgates and welcomed them in the first place. Who bent over to Europe and gave all our powers over to them. Who turned the UK into the joke it is now by forcing political correctness on us…………..When you go to the ballot box next month in the elections. Put the X anywhere other than the Labour Party box!


BIRMINGHAM A Somalian refugee was jailed for 15 months today (weds) for flouting a terrorism prevention order. The father-of-six, 37, is known only as FF because of a High Court order granting him lifelong anonymity. He admitted breaking the terms of a terrorism prevention measures order (TPIM) when he appeared at the Old Bailey. The TPIM was imposed to restrict his movements as he is believed to be a risk to the public but cannot be tried or deported.


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