Illegal Immigrant Raped Girl,14, With Mental Age Of 7 In Bristol


How many more times are we going to see illegal immigrants raping and sexually abusing women and children before something is done about it. Britain is being swamped by unskilled Muslim illegal immigrants from uncivilised and backward lands. They have created a whole black market workforce working in Muslim owned semi legit businesses such as kebab shops, car washes,taxi driving where payments are made in cash or illegal things such as selling counterfeit goods, drugs and committing fraud. Either way they pay no tax or insurance on their earnings.

With them they bring their anti social backwards ways from back home. Unfortunately as we are finding out the hard way. One of those is their fondness for committing sex attacks.  Afghani illegal  immigrant Hamidullah Hamidi had previously been subject to a failed attempted deportation back to Afghanistan. Only weeks later the paedophile raped a 14 year old girl with the mental age of a 7 year old. Once again a Muslim sexual predator targeting the weakest of our society. 

Hamidullah Hamidi, of Chelsea Park, Easton - image courtesy Avon and Somerset PoliceHamidullah Hamidi attacked the girl on 8 December
22 April 2014 Last updated at 18:22

An illegal immigrant who dragged a “vulnerable” 14-year-old girl from the street and raped her in his Bristol home has been jailed for six years.

Hamidullah Hamidi, 19, of Chelsea Park, Easton, pleaded guilty to one count of rape, at Bristol Crown Court.

In sentencing, Judge Michael Longman said Hamidi would be deported from Britain halfway through his sentence.

“Your victim was just 14… when you raped her. She was plainly an extremely vulnerable girl,” the judge said.

The court heard he forced the girl, who has the mental capacity of a seven-year-old, into his home on 8 December before attacking her.

She eventually managed to flee the property, but Hamidi followed her until he was stopped by passers-by.


“When she was able to leave and make off, you followed her until you were stopped from doing so,” Judge Longman said.

“You caused her severe psychological harm.”

Hamidi was arrested by police three days after the attack and initially denied it but later admitted his crime in court.

He was smuggled out of Afghanistan by his mother to prevent him being recruited by the Taliban and entered Britain illegally as a young boy.

Prosecuting, Giles Nelson said Hamidi was classed as an “overstayer”, with attempts to deport him made at his home last November.


Representing Hamidi, Stephen Mooney said his client was still appreciating “the enormity of what he has done”.

He said Hamidi had been placed within a foster family in Britain and attended college.

“He has thrown away all that he has in this country,” Mr Mooney added.

Speaking outside court Det Con Chris Shaw said Hamidi “acted in a predatory fashion in approaching the victim as she left a local shop and used money as a means of persuading her to go his home address.

“The fact he has admitted the offence shows the weight of evidence against him and at least spares the victim from having to relive this incident in the courtroom,” he added.

8 thoughts on “Illegal Immigrant Raped Girl,14, With Mental Age Of 7 In Bristol”

    1. The women claim DLA and the partners use the car’s as minicabs throughout the day changing the number plates – seen with my own eye’s along with other witness’s. Alerted police, ignored.

  1. You will find many of these people working in the car wash game. It is such an easy scam. It acts as a loop-hole for when this trash get here where they state that they have a job, work in the car wash for two weeks, and then disappear into the system – which let’s face it – is totally useless and hindered by the intervention of the irksome EU Fascists.

    Enough is enough. We have allowed ourselves to become the world’s favourite ATM machine and although the rubbish that calls itself ‘Socialism’ has now begrudgingly accepted their folly concerning immigration of the wrong kind, they still denounce UKIPs condemnation of European Free Movement concerning these backwards cretins.

    There is nothing wrong in bringing this rubbish to justice. It is not racism and it is not wrong. It is justified to safeguard our own future and its people.

  2. Exactly, the world’s favourite ATM machine but not its richest. Why do muslim animals camp in French ports waiting to cross when Germany could offer them an even cushier life on the dole?

    And what the hell are they doing in Europe anyway in the first place?

    I wonder what his mother would think of him now. Knowing how poisonous and dysfunctional the muslim mind can get, she would probably dismiss this girl as a ‘Western whore’, not realising she and her dehumanised ideology had created a monster.

    He must be deported – he is a danger to young girls.

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