Yorkshire Grooming Gang In Court, Bet You Can’t Guess Which Religion They Follow

Five members of Yorkshire paedophile grooming gang have appeared in court yesterday for abusing a 13 year old child.

Guess what…..the sick paedo gang members AREN’T non-Muslims…… You guessed it…….  Come on,did anybody expect them to be anything other than Muslim rape jihadists. 

Despite this being yet another gang of evil Muslim kiddie fiddlers……Muslims, their far-left appeasers and the British government will still continue to try and deceive the public with their claims that ‘grooming gangs are not a Muslim problem’.  All i can say is dont believe everything you are told,  the facts speak for themselves. The image below will take you to KafirCrusaders Muslim grooming/paedo map…..one look at the huge scale of the problem and anybody unsure will know its a major MUSLIM PROBLEM!


Five men from Bradford and Sheffield in court on child sex charges

17 April 2014 Last updated at 17:48

Five men have appeared in court charged with child trafficking and sex offences in relation to a 13-year-old girl.

The men, from Bradford and Sheffield, aged between 20 and 36, appeared at Sheffield Magistrates’ Court.

All five were remanded in custody ahead of their next appearance at the city’s crown court on 28 April.

The men are charged with offences including rape, trafficking and sexual activity with a child. No pleas have been entered yet to any of the charges.

Shakeal Rehmen, 26, of Rooley Lane, Bradford, is charged with rape and trafficking.

Mohammed Shapal, 21, of Haworth Road, Bradford, Usman Ali, 20, of St Mary’s Road, Bradford, and Yaseen Amini, 36, of Lopham Street, Sheffield are all accused of sexual activity with a child.

Mr Shapal and Mr Amini are also charged alongside Bekir Rasheed, 35, of Ulverston Road, Woodseats, Sheffield, with trafficking.

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