Video: EDL v Islamofascists. American TV Channel ABC Report

H/T: Counter Jihad Report

 A  female Muslim TV reporter from ABC investigates the battle between the English Defence League and radical Muslim extremists as the EDL attempt to regain Britain’s streets and erase the evil of political Islam  that has been taking hold of some areas of the UK.

The reporter followers both Tommy Robinson and his nemesis, evil hate preacher Anjem Choudary. The video was recorded just after Tommy left the EDL but prior to being jailed.

It seemed something of an eye opener to the Muslim reporter as she witnessed the hatred against Britain and non Muslims spewed by AC who also demonstrated his woman hating views by refusing to shake her hand. She also seemed quite shocked at the amount of death threats TR receives on a daily basis and the explicit nature of the threats.

Tommy Robinson : ” I have a duty as a father and a duty as an Englishman to prevent that (on stopping islamofascist views from spreading)”

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