Jailed Tax Dodger Mohammed Suleman Khan Built Mansion Yet Claimed To Earn £40k pa

Mohammed Suleman Khan lived like a Lord with an upmarket house in Birmingham and a newly built mansion in Pakistan the size of Buckingham Palace has been jailed for four years for tax evasion.  Despite claiming to earn no for than £40,000 per year the lifestyle he lead told a different story. Experts predicted that he would needed an income of over £1 Million to sustain his flamboyant lifestyle.

His Pakistani palace would of cost a minimum of £2.3 million to construct.  The prosecution said he owed £445,000  in unpaid taxes to the taxpayers pot. 

Khan will be just one of thousands of Muslims in the UK avoiding paying taxes whilst living the life of luxury. You only have to look around the streets in any Muslim area to notice the amount of Muslims driving round in flash cars to notice something isn’t quite legit.

Tax dodger who built ‘palace’ jailed

April 11, 2014, 10:27 am

A Birmingham man who built a house the size of Buckingham Palace by dodging taxes has been jailed.

Mohammed Suleman Khan, 41, was arrested from his gated Edgbaston residency three years ago on suspicion of money laundering.

The lengthy police probe – sparked by the concerns of local people – found evidence of tax and national insurance evasion.

Detectives from Force CID worked with HM Revenue and Customs officials to probe the finances of the Birmingham born debt collector and businessman who claimed to have an annual income of no more than £40,000.

But despite finding 13 paper wraps banks use to secure £1,000 bundles all bearing the same date stamp, and after scrutinising phone and computer records, there were limited financial records leading investigators to believe that Khan only used cash and had few assets.

Determined to uncover the truth, detectives worked with the social policy research charity, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, to compare cost of living fees with his lifestyle and established that to maintain his standard of living would require earnings in excess of £1 million over the nine year period between 2001 and 2012.

The probe also uncovered plans for a house the size of Buckingham Palace in Ghorghusti in the Attok attock region of Pakistan.

The blueprints showed the mansion had its own cinema, library, servant’s quarters and even a guard house for a security team.

Experts estimated that construction would have cost £2.3 million although there was no official record of ownership.

Talking about the investigation, Detective Inspector Andy Bannister, from Force CID, said: “This was an intelligence led policing operation sparked by community concerns. The nature of Khan’s offending meant that this was a particularly complex investigation in which detectives had to piece together information from a range of sources − including satellite imaging data on the property − to secure charges.

“Khan’s bank accounts bore no resemblance to his day-to-day-living. He maintained he was a debt collector and business man but failed to provide investigators or the court with any evidence to back this up.

“He had his day in court and was ultimately found to have cheated the public revenue by not paying tax or national insurance contributions.”

At a special hearing at Liverpool Crown Court on 4 April, Khan was sentenced to four years behind bars after the judge, his honour Judge Andrew Menary QC, ruled that Khan had defrauded the public purse through tax and national insurance evasion over nine years. His criminal act meant he owed public coffers just over £445,000 in tax.

Chief Superintendent Alex Murray, responsible for policing in east Birmingham, said: “Khan was perceived by some people in the community to be untouchable. That perception was shattered by his arrest, charge and later, his conviction.

“The joint action taken by police and HM Revenue and Customs proves that where communities trust local officers and confide in them, we are able to piece that information together with other data and where appropriate launch an investigation.

“This may take time but we will always seek justice to be served on those who don’t operate within the law like the vast majority of hard working people do.

“For people who want to exploit the system for their own gain, the message from West Midlands Police is that we will stop you, whether that is through criminal law, through Revenue and Customs, the Department for Work and Pensions or others.

“Communities are fed up of people thinking they are above the law and are increasingly standing up to be counted.”

Detectives are now working to claw back the cash and any other assets through the Proceeds of Crime Act which will see the money ploughed back into community crime fighting initiatives in the West Midlands.

People can share their concerns about people living and committing crime in their community to police on 101 or anonymously via the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

2 thoughts on “Jailed Tax Dodger Mohammed Suleman Khan Built Mansion Yet Claimed To Earn £40k pa”

  1. Well that name must be a favourite one for fraud… I just found out by pure accident an other one with that same name live in Manchester in his 60’s from Pakistan also… He own a lot of properties all over Manchester I been told by his old friend… The ones I’m aware of is on Oldham road ( dozen stores), it is a very long row of restaurant business and flat above with separate entrance, also on Portugal st. at the back alley and they are all been rented out for a minimum of £ 350 per month for flat of 9 meter square feet the smallest room up to £ 450 for bigger room on Oldham rd. in one flat with 7 rooms above the 2 stores where the rent is just over £ 1000 per month each…, plus 2 flats for sure on Portugal st. back of the restaurant with separate entrance are rented for £ 500 per month… and next to them more stores and flats are been rented out by same owner… This landlord is a very manipulative man and use intimidation, ruse, bullying, freights, brain washing techniques and full of sad stories and lies to con people… No matter what you try he will give no tenancy agreement to most of them with no receipt of rent paid, no receipt for deposit some have paid over £ 10000 each deposit in cash and all the money is collected cash at hand, he will accept no cheques, no direct deposit , no bank to bank… he want no trace of any transactions… If you ask for it, he will promise you that he will do it to collect the money, next time when you ask again he will say you got a good deal, prime location, you got a cheap rent what do you want more so on or don’t you trust me? Each time it is an argument and you loose, then he will tell you to live no notice given in the spot… No one get refund, many gave rent and were out a week latter , why no one complain? Who will believe them with no proof ? None! 98.99 % are emigrant little English, short stay on visa students from Turkey, India, China, Vietnam, South Africa, Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Australia, Brazil, German, Polish, Pakistan, Canadian… and UK the list goes on, those mention where renting a room above… Some of them would cry been trapped having no choice… Some Tenants were from European countries listed on the voting pole at that address, when one of the tenant was having problem needing proof of address and couldn’t get it, that tenant had to ask for voting pole as a proof of address to use it… And still no one investigate why is that? What is going on etc… , after numerous complain about the landlord wrong doing, no one bother to check this landlord, according to his old friend, apparently it’s been going on for more than 25 years that he has knows him at list,… The landlord live in a council house, collect benefit plus money from the council yap! He get an extra income plus a free car for his handicap son living with him or should I say locked in a car where ever he goes he has to wait…. That is not all, to top it all up the landlord that poor greedy man, will cry trying to make you feel sorry for him, go on and on saying he makes no profit, he don’t make any money he says, he has to pays £ 400 of water each month, the rent don’t cover the expenses he complain… Then I found out he is claiming each business to pay him cash of course the same amount showing the same bill to be paid over and over again by each one of them, arguments after arguments he still get what he want because none of them knew they are all in one bill, one meter for all business and tenants, 1 for each electric bill, gas bill and water, internet connection coming to one address you guess it at address he rent as flats…. Council tax I’m not sure what is going on, because I heard by not declaring certain things he doesn’t have to pay, if he had too he will raise the rent £ 100 or more each so on…. !

    Now just a quick short calculation of less than estimated income he must make at list over £20,000 per months in cash money with out counting the utilities bills he collect ££££ ??? Money non declared with the tax man or council etc… etc… etc…. Some of us can’t get a penny forced to use food bank, now how many are we in that position? Who believe honesty don’t pay!?…. Well I do! Fact is I will die honest but poor ! Crooks die rich! Some people can’t even make that amount in a year! No over time paid, 16 hours per day, 6 days a week at minimum wage… The law help them not the poor! They are untouchable… More you try to get help, more you dig a hole you can’t get out and they make sure of it…. Sound familiar? Well this story is happening in Manchester, I can see now what will happen been same name the lawyer will add some twist to it and blame it on comparison… I can’t believe his layer don’t know what he is doing, he can’t be that blind… Today he has 3 tenants won’t let him walk over their feet, but soon he wants to terminate them because they are troubling him, his poor heart can’t take it… Twice a years for sure he goes for several months in Pakistan on vacation for his son treatment he says, why UK don’t have good doctors? Another way to escape the tax man… But he does have the time to build a luxury home there on a vast land…. Now he got a business partner doing the same thing building a luxury home in Pakistan seen some picture on his phone…. There is a room for rent, why the council or police don’t get smart and send an undercover and play dumb… Where is the courageous smart investigator when you need one? Come on in 25 years no one open their eyes what does it take? No wonder so many are doing the same, they must be teaching it at school how to fool a Brit! I was searching his name to see what I could find on him, shocked another younger man same name has done same thing… At list the police there were quicker to deal with it!… Better be careful what I say! Hum ! But them why should I be afraid to tell the way it is? what worse thing can it happen to me that I didn’t survived already? I had to live on expired can food from 5 years old all dried up, I had to sleep under the bridge in the coldest winter UK ever had in decades, eat grass dandelion, walk from London to Kendal, been shot at, robbed…, you name it I probably had something near to it, been bullied, harassed, victimised, beat up…, scared… in 60 years I seen it all… I may have nothing left to my name, I manage to survive…

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