Former Arsenal Player Joins Syrian Jihad Urges Other Muslims To Join Him

Media reports are claiming that the unknown Muslim extremist pictured below is a former Arsenal FC football  player. He clearly had some kind of mental breakdown demonstrated by swapping the lifestyle of a premiership footballer with untold fame and fortune. To become a Muslim fundamentalist fighter living the backward Islamic lifestyle that’s stuck a thousand years in the past.

Ex-Arsenal player ‘joins Jihad in Syria’

A former Arsenal star is said to be fighting in Syria alongside extremists.

The man appeared in a video released on Russian website where he derides the West as “animals” and “dirty people”, and urges Muslims to join the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

“It’s very important for you to protect your children from these animals, from these dirty people; Allah says they are the worst of creatures,” said the fighter.

“From those who think that they cannot fight they should also come and join us because it maybe that they can help us in something else, for example help with medicine, help us financially [or] help us with with advice,” he continues.

A balaclava protects the fighter’s identity but text that accompanies the video state that he was brought up in Portugal before signing for the Gunners – a fact verified by other jihadists, report the Mirror.

Furthermore, the fighter – who has changed his name to Abu Issa Al-Andalusi – grew up withCristiano Ronaldo, according to the accompanying text, but left that lifestyle to “to make the path of Allah”.

There have been no further details released regarding the individual and when contacted by the Sun,Arsenal said: “We do not recognise the individual from the published clips and we don’t have any record of a [person of this name] representing the club at any level.”


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