Panorama Tonight: Looks Like Times Up For Lutfur Rahman

Recomended TV Viewing: Tonight 8pm BBC 1  Panorama

Tonight’s Panorama edition looks like it could prove entertaining. The show  is focused on  Islamofascist Mayor Lutfur Rahman and his Tower Hamlets Muslim mafia. Lutfur Rahman has featured on the pages of this site numerous times as controversy and allegations of corruption are never far away from him.

Mayor Lutfur Rahman with the help of Islamist group Islamic Forum Of Europe has systematically dismantled LBTH council one by one replacing them with his own Muslim IFE people. One of the issues the TV program will be focusing on is the mismanagement of funds and the way IFE linked fronts have received millions in grants and funding since he became Mayor. This is something regular readers will already be aware of following my FOI request on the councils funding of Muslim groups.

For so long Mayor Rahman had managed to get away with his shady behaviour and dodgy deals. Syphoning off council funds to IFE groups, handing his Islamist friends well paid positions, the sale of council property at rock bottom prices to members of IFE. Allegations of vote rigging and smear campaigns against political opponents to name a few.  Many of which involved the extremists at Islamic Forum Of Europe who also run the East London Mosque. Lutfur must of thought he was untouchable.

Well karma has caught up with him. By all accounts what goes around has come around and smashed him in the face. I look forward to watching the rat squirming as he is exposed for the fraud he really is.

Lutfur Rahman faces government investigation after failing to stop BBC Panorama exposé

Lutfur Rahman, the extremist-linked mayor of Tower Hamlets, is a worried man today. As I reported in this morning’s paper, the Government finally appears to be gearing up for a full investigation into his incredible regime, the subject of a broadcast by the BBC’s Panorama tonight.

Eric Pickles, the Communities Secretary, tells the programme that the allegations against Lutfur are of “a completely different magnitude to the worries and concerns that I have with other councils” and accuses him of “abusing his position”.

He added in a statement to the Telegraph: “There is a worrying pattern of divisive community politics and mismanagement of council staff and resources by the mayoral administration in Tower Hamlets. I will be carefully examining the evidence provided by Panorama’s thorough investigation and will consider the appropriate next steps, including the case for exercising the legal powers available to me.”

Lutfur, the former Labour council leader, was replaced, deselected and subsequently expelled by the Labour Party after I revealed his close links to an Islamic extremist organisation, the Islamic Forum of Europe (IFE), which believes in turning Europe into an Islamic state under sharia law. He was subsequently elected mayor as an independent.

As we have catalogued in the paper and on this blog, Lutfur has channelled millions of pounds in council grants to IFE front organisations and to close colleagues and associates, often at the expense of established, secular groups serving the whole community. A large council building, now being converted to a 25-bedroom luxury hotel, was sold for only £875,000 to the owner of Lutfur’s election campaign website.

Panorama found that Lutfur, who has taken personal control over council grants, had repeatedly overruled his own council officers and given Bengali- and Somali-run organisations two and a half times more money than the officers recommended.

In a memo leaked to the programme, Tower Hamlets’ head of environmental legal services, Jill Bell, warned the council was “vulnerable to legal challenge” after Lutfur and his allies added 94 extra grants, “a number of which were ineligible” under the council’s own rules. Ms Bell’s is now leaving her Tower Hamlets job.

Rob Whiteman, chief executive of the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy, told the BBC that the degree of “material change” which Lutfur exercised over the officer recommendations was “very unusual.”

The desperation that Panorama has caused in Camp Rahman is gigantic – and possibly just as revealing as anything likely to be in the programme itself. Lutfur’s attempts to stymie the broadcast are a whole story of their own. He hired a law firm and PR specialists to try to stop it. He’s produced an expensively-produced counterattack film (did public money pay for that, I wonder?) and making predictable charges of racism and Islamophobia.

Most interestingly of all, in their fight against the BBC, he and his staff have been using confidential programme research material removed from the Panorama computers by a freelance they hired for a few days who then defected to the Rahman camp. Lutfur is claiming, entirely falsely, that the Beeb is under “criminal investigation” over this material. Shouldn’t it be Team Lutfur and the researcher who are under criminal investigation?

The tactics are familiar to any of us who report on Rahman – endless bullying threats and complaints, shameless playing of the race card, straightforward lying and denial of reality – but, as I have also found, they can be seen off easily enough if you have done your reporting properly. The programme goes out tonight at 8.30pm.

Many of its themes are likely to be familiar to readers of this blog (though I’ve had no involvement in the making of the film) but it is significant, and might possibly be a turning-point, that an organisation with the BBC’s clout is finally taking notice of this scandal.

Welcome back to the blog, by the way. I went quiet for a while because I have less time than I used to, but you will be hearing from me more over the next few months.

One thought on “Panorama Tonight: Looks Like Times Up For Lutfur Rahman”

  1. Lutfur Rahman is well-known in Tower Hamlets as a predatory pedophile. Neither the police or social services will act against him ‘for fear of upsetting the muslim community. The serial pedophile Gordon Brown protected him, and the vile lesbian prostitute Harriet Harman welcomed him to her campaign to legalize pedophilia.

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