More KFC Halal Muslim Appeasing By Withdrawing Big Daddy Burger Due To Bacon Slice At Rochdale Branch

More Muslim appeasement by the dhimmis at KFC. A couple of weeks back i posted a list of KFC branches that were now serving halal food to the public. Brought in on the quiet without consulting the general public.

Boycott KFC. Halal food funds Islamic terrorist groups

Now the Muslim loving has gone a step further at KFC Rochdale on Kingsway Retail Park. Where they have withdrawn the Big Daddy Burger from sale because it contains a slice of bacon and is therefore non halal. KFC seem to forget or don’t give a damm that the majority of Brits are non Muslim. Rochdale is in Greater Manchester not Greater Mecca.

They would rather discriminate against the majority than upset the minority Muslims. I would rather starve to death than give KFC a single penny

If you wish to express your disgust like i will be doing to the Muslim appeasers at KFC here is their contact details:

KFC Customer Services
PO Box 57984
London W4 9AX

Customer Careline
0845 753 2532
10am – 5pm Mon – Fri 

By Online Form

Big Daddy Burger not sold at ‘halal’ KFC in Rochdale

Reporter: Amy Westlake
Date online: 27 March 2014

KFC, which is located on Kingsway Retail Park, will not sell the Big Daddy Burger, which contains a whole chicken breast fillet, a hash brown, bacon and a slice of cheese all in a toasted sesame bun, as the store is being run as a ‘halal’ store.

Some customers have complained to the store about the fact that they are not selling the companies most popular burger but despite these complaints KFC state that there has been a positive reaction to the store being a halal store.

A spokesperson for KFC said: “We have been running a halal trial for several years in areas where there has been demand from our customers, and our Kingsway Retail Park restaurant has been a halal store since 2009.

“Our strict animal welfare standards have not changed, and the Big Daddy burger is the only item we’ve removed from our menu at trial stores.

“Feedback has been very positive, however we understand that some customers want a choice, and anybody wanting a non-halal option can visit our restaurant in Bury.”

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