‘Asian’ Gang Try Abducting Female In Jarrow


A female walking in Jarrow had a very near miss when three ‘Asian’ sexual predators attempted to drag the young woman into their car. If it hadn’t been for the actions of a passer-by who came to her aid, the victim could now quite easily be another statistic of  rape jihad or even worse killed.

As if the heinous crime and possible consequences if the abductors had succeeded isn’t shocking enough, the most disturbing thing for me is the brazen nature of the scum committing the offence. This didn’t happen at 3am Saturday morning to somebody drunk returning from a night out.   It took place at 2pm on a Wednesday in broad daylight…….Next time it could be your wife/girlfriend/sister/daughter/mother !!!!!



muslims attempt to abduct female in jarrow

Gang try to drag woman into car from Jarrow street

POLICE are hunting a gang who tried to drag a woman into their car in Jarrow.

A 20-year-old woman was making her way along Hill Street, at 2.05pm yesterday, when a car with three men inside, one driving and two in the back seat, pulled up alongside her.

One of the passengers began asking the woman for directions through the open window before getting out of the vehicle claiming he couldn’t hear her.

Once outside the vehicle, he grabbed the woman’s shoulders from behind and attempted to cover her mouth. At the same time, the second passenger attempted to pull the woman towards the vehicle while inside the car.

The woman bit the first man’s hand who then got back into the car which made off in the direction of Grange Road.

A man in the street then came to the woman’s assistance.

The first man is described as aged between 25 and 30, approximately 6ft tall, of slim build, with short black hair and thick black stubble on his chin and of Asian appearance. The second man is described as aged between 25 and 30, with short black hair, a moustache and heavy black stubble. He was of Asian appearance.

The car was a red or burgundy vehicle similar to a Ford Fiesta. It was travelling from the direction of Victoria Road East, in Hebburn, when it pulled up alongside the victim.

Police investigating the incident are appealing for the man who assisted the woman to come forward as he may be able to help with ongoing inquiries. Any other witnesses should also contact police.

Detective Inspector Paul Woods, from Northumbria Police’s Major Crime Team, said: “This was obviously a very frightening experience for the woman involved. Thankfully she hasn’t been injured but was left clearly shaken.

“Detectives are continuing to investigate the incident today to trace the car and the men inside it to establish the exact circumstances surrounding it.

“We are particularly keen to speak to the man who came to the woman’s assistance as he could have vital information to help with our inquiries.

“Anyone else who may have seen the incident or the car in the area at the time should also contact us.

“Officers are patrolling the area to offer reassurance to residents. Anyone with concerns should speak to them or contact their Neighbourhood Policing Team.”

People can contact police on 101, extension 69191. Anyone with information on this incident should quote log number 640 26/03/14.


21 thoughts on “‘Asian’ Gang Try Abducting Female In Jarrow”

  1. It has never been mentioned the people are Muslim! This story is about some one related to me and the awful experience this poor young girl has gone through.. UNTIL MORE FACTS ARE KNOWN TO CORROBERATE YOUR STORY YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO PUBLISH THIS AS RACIAL ISSUE.

    1. Since when has Islam been a race ???? It isn’t a race its a so called ‘religion’ or cult.So how exactly can i be publishing anything as a racial issue. Islam is all in the mind and something we can each decide if we believe or if we dislike as and when we want to. It is nothing to do with anybodies skin colour or looks which a race is
      If the attackers were bold enough to do this during the afternoon in daylight when there is people around,it shows the lengths they are prepared to go to. Your relative was lucky somebody saw what was happening and came to her aid. The next victim they target most likely wont be

      Im not being funny but if your a relative of the victim would you not be better using your time to raise awareness of the horrific experience the girl has endured, so other females in the area know about the attack and can be on their guard. Instead of coming here throwing false racial accusations around almost defending the vermin who committed the acts.because i called them Muslims.
      They were described as Muslims for good reason. I have seen enough to know that ‘Asian’ = Muslim 99% of the time. Its not Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhists, Chinese, Japanese or any kind of ‘Asian’ that are attacking women or members of grooming gangs almost on a daily basis…. Its Muslims whose minds have been programmed with a life time of Islamic teachings. Which portray women as little more than sexual objects for males pleasure, justifies grotesque deviant behaviour such as paedophilia, having sex slaves and immense hatred for all non Muslims, resulting in similar incidents to this happening on a daily basis up and down the UK. But thanks to the far left appeasers making unfounded racist accusations at anybody who speaks out. The media suppresses the truth resulting in tiny snippets in the local press for ‘community cohesion reasons instead off the coverage it deserves

      1. Think Your mind are set to only look for muslims everywhere,quite stupid really to say that the asians accused here are muslims.They don’t need to be,there are a few or more million asians that are not muslims,in fact the overwhelming part are not muslims.In Your way it seems that the only People who can rape a woman are muslims,look around in Your “white” neighbourhood and you will find some fine white christian People there With a rape history

      2. You did use the words ‘Muslim gang’ on your original headline. Just to clear something up for you and your narrow minded brain… Here are some figures on the Muslim numbers WORLDWIDE http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islam_by_country You might want to change the comment Asian = Muslim 99% of the time to Asian = Muslim a little more than 50% of the time.

        Peace, love & positive vibrations to you and your readers – Lord knows you guys need all 3.

        One love, one race. Human reace! Peace x

      3. So what if i did use Muslim in the original title.
        My narrow mind still knows that it doesn’t change the fact that Islam is not a race and still very much a religion.
        Incase you hadn’t realized RACE and RELIGION are two completly different things.
        RACE= You are born with it. You cannot change it even if you wanted to
        RELIGION= You are not born with it. It is all in mind. You are free to change religion if you chose to in the same way you can change who you vote for or which team you support.

        Why would i wish to change the comment Asian = Muslim 99% of the time to Asian = Muslim a little more than 50% of the time ???
        Sorry but the link you have provided is totally irrelevent and doesn’t clear anything up i’m afraid.
        Muslim 99% of the time is refering to sexual deviants who have been described as ‘Asian’ not the percentage of Asians in the UK.
        I think the law abiding Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhists and any other groups that could be described as Asian would take offence at you smearing them suggesting they are responsible for 50% of sex crimes where the attackers are described as ‘Asian’
        Hence why the term Muslim was used, as it is disrespectfull to my Sikh friends to cast them in a negative way for no reason, like when the press use the term ‘Asian’ grooming gang instead of ‘Muslim’ grooming gang

        Peace, love & positive vibrations. As nice a statement it is to make, i don’t think it will get you very far in an Islamic nation living under sharia. Or the UK in another 50 years when Muslims are then in control and you are living as a second class dhimmi

  2. Just because of their appearance you cant assume they’re Muslim! That’s racial stereotyping. Also what your saying about Islam and jihad is completely wrong. Try picking up a book before writing a article, dumbing who ever reads this down with your ignorance. If it was 3 white men you wouldn’t make the headline about religion or assume they were Christians! as for Muslims being peodophiles take a look at priests! Yes I hope the men involved get caught, and the woman’s ok. But I’m sick to death of articles like this and people like you who give Muslims a bad name.

    1. If it was 3 white men abducting a Muslim woman it would be front page news not confined to a local newspaper. Muslims dont need anybody to give them a bad name they do it all for themselves. I suppose you think grooming gangs aren’t a Muslim problem either

    2. My mother worked for the government for 35 years & she did not tell me or my farther about work related info until she retired in 2007. She told us that there is a huge problem in the Uk with Asian males in there 20’s 30’s 40’s grooming under age white female girls with alcohol, tobacco & drugs. Priests are obviously a problem but Asian males grooming & raping young under age white women is a bigger problem. People in the government will not publicly talk about it because they get classed as racist. Obviously people reading this will most probably think I am racist BUT I am not,

  3. Does it matter if they are Muslim, Jewish, Islamic or bloody Hinduism..At the end of the day they ARE NOT ENGLISH!! So the only people to blame are the government for flooding our country with all these mixed race people from third world county’s & secondly it’s our own fault’s because none of us stand up against the government & protest against it. We just let it happen right under our noses. I am sorry to say but this is only the beginning. Give it another 3 to 5 years then check the figures for things like this again. This kind of disgusting behaviour is already rife down in London & Birmingham & Manchester.. Trust me it is only going to get a lot worse in time. Hence why I am in the process of emigrating from this country. As it is now a COMPLETE JOKE!


    How far up your own arse is your head?

    1. Obviously not as far up as yours is. If you are more concerned about defending Muslim sex offenders because there is a very tiny chance they may not be Muslims (which will be a first) than the serious crime which took place and that could have ended much worse for the victim. Then you have serious problems

  5. I don’t see why relgion comes into it at all. As you’ve very clearly pointed out there’s a difference between race and religion. And stating a religion isn’t going to help catch the guys who committed the crime. But their race will. Islam is one of the most beautiful relgions to follow. The word islam itself means peace. but unfortunately There’s extremists in almost every relgion and cult. that’s all we seem to hear about when we hear the word Muslim. And it’s down to ignorant, scared and narrow minded people like you. As I say If a white or black person commited a crime relgion doesn’t come into it. but soon as a asian person, or indeed any Muslim commits a crime, we find out their relgion. giving the full relgion a bad name.

  6. More drivel from uninformed, scared white men. There are 1.6 billion Muslims around the world, all races, creeds and cultures. If they wanted us all raped or killed, we’d all be raped and dead a long time ago. 6% of the population in the UK are Muslim, what are you frightened of…..your shadow haha? White men groom and rape way more in this country….Saville, Harris etc Al. , the huge parliamentary cover up anyone??? While this government fucus us all, fools like you fall for the distraction of ‘look at the scary Muslim’ while we rape the country. Wake up you tosser.

    1. Another nonce defending commie who is too busy being a do gooder to have any idea what’s going on around them. That blinded by the red mist and the need to appease, that you probably haven’t even noticed that your commenting on a two year old post!
      Ok so if 6% of the population in the UK are Muslim and your saying they are no worse than anybody else. In that case can you point out the grooming gangs made up of the 94% non Muslims. Or for every random sex attack thats committed by a Muslim can you point out the other 9 out of 10 by a non Muslim which there should be if they are not over represented offender wise!!

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