3 Year Old Girl Approached And Photographed In Windsor Park By Two Asian Males


Three-year-old girl stopped by two men in an Old Windsor park with one trying to take a picture of her

Published: 25 Mar 2014 08:300 comments

A MOTHER has been left too terrified to take her children to the park after strangers approached her three-year-old daughter and tried to take a picture of her in broad daylight.

The mother, who does not wish to be named, was walking home through Old Windsor Recreation Ground on Tuesday at around 2pm with her daughter who was on her scooter and one-year-old son in his pushchair when the ‘scary’ incident happened.

The woman, who had challenged her daughter to a race to the end of a path, said when she caught up she saw two men speaking to the three-year-old before one pulled out a camera phone as if to take a picture of her.

“I shouted at my daughter to leave and that made them jump and run away,” she said. “If their intentions were good then they wouldn’t have been startled and ran away when I shouted. I thought I was being paranoid at first, but the more I think about it, the more scary it is.”

It comes only weeks after a schoolboy was grabbed by two men in Hatch Lane as he walked to school and another boy reported two men in a van pulling up next to him in Dedworth Road.

The mother called the police as soon as she got back home. But she now refuses to let her daughter out of her sight and makes sure she holds on to her brother’s pushchair when out.

“I don’t even let her go on her scooter anymore. She wanted to go out for a walk the other day and I said can we wait until later in the afternoon when more people are around so it’s safer,” the mother said. “It is not fair on her as she should be allowed to live a normal childhood and enjoy herself.”

A woman was also approached in January by two men in a car shortly after the incidents involving the two boys, which were all in broad daylight and within a mile of each other.

Superintendent Kate Ford, Windsor and Maidenhead Local Policing Area commander, reassured residents during a police briefing on Tuesday last week, adding police remain vigilant to the situation.

A Thames Valley Police spokesman added: “Thames Valley Police can confirm that it received a report of a suspicious incident in which a man approached a child in Robin Willis Way, Old Windsor, on Tuesday at around 2.30pm and attempted to take a photograph of her.

“The man is described as Asian, in his late thirties, with a slim build and black, straight, medium length hair. He was wearing a blue shirt. He was with another man, also Asian, in his late thirties, tall, with a stocky build and black hair. He was wearing a maroon-coloured top and jeans.

“Incidents of this nature are very unusual and information has been passed on to the local neighbourhood teams for them to be aware while out on patrol. Thames Valley Police would always urge people to report any suspicious incidents to us, so that we can provide additional patrols in those areas and offer reassurance our local communities.”


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