Woman Kicked And Punched In The Head By Muslim Coward In Coventry

Police appeal after a low life Muslim scumbag beat up a female in Coventry. Muslims are known woman beaters with an immense hatred of females due to Islamic teachings and this spineless attacker was no different. Repeatedly kicking and punching the female in the head. Religion of Peace, my arse!!!

Police appeal after violent attack on woman in Coventry

6:15 PM, SAT 15 MAR 2014

CCTV Image of suspected attacker
CCTV Image of suspected attacker Credit: West Midlands Police

Police appeal for witnesses after a 27 year old woman was dragged to the ground and repeatedly kicked in the head and body in the Wood End area of Coventry.

She was approached by a man described as Asian, around 20 years old and wearing an all-black tracksuit at around 6.20pm on 31 January.

The woman suffered cuts and bruises from the attack where a security guard was able to intervene before the man ran away.

DC Richard Walker, from Force CID in Coventry, said:

The person responsible is clearly dangerous; we need to find him and ensure he’s brought to justice.

If you recognise the man in the CCTV images or have any information which could assist our investigation, please get in touch.


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