Muslim Heroin Dealer Described As ‘Not So Bright’ As Judge Jails For 8 Years

The judge who jailed an idiotic Muslim drug dealer for 8 years branding him as ‘not so bright’ must not have had much experience of Islam and its followers. ‘Not so bright’ is a pretty standard term that could be used to describe the majority of Muslims. Lets face it anybody who genuinely believes that a murdering, rapist, thieving paedophile, lying conman like Mohammed was a genuine prophet of God, is a sandwich short of a picnic.

I have no sympathy for him what so ever. There is no such thing as a social heroin user. Those who would of bought his poison are the vermin who would mug your Nan for her last few pence or burgle your house and take your kids presents from round the Christmas tree without a second thought.

Man who accepted delivery of package from Afghanistan is given eight years

9:00am Saturday 15th March 2014 in NewsBy Sheila Weber

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Imranul IslamImranul Islam

A “not very bright” drug dealer has been jailed for eight years.

Imranul Islam was found guilty of importing heroin with a potential street value of £160,000 by a jury at Bradford Crown Court yesterday.

The 22-year-old, of Amberley Street, Bradford Moor, was also sentenced for earlier Class A drugs offences, which he had admitted. The importation offence was committed while he was on bail.

Judge Neil Davey QC told Islam: “The seriousness of the importation is aggravated by the fact that you were on bail at the time.”

The judge said sentence was also influenced by the fact the heroin was 48 per cent pure.

During the trial, the jury had been told Islam had been involved in the importing of an urn containing heroin from Afghanistan. He signed for the package when it was delivered to a house in Wellands Terrace in Bradford Moor last June – even though it was addressed to another man.

Islam said he had been asked to sign by the man, Mohammed Azam, who had helped him get a room to rent at the house.

The trial was told the urn contained 1.6kg of heroin, which would normally have a street value of about £79,000, but because of its purity, it could be diluted to be worth twice that amount.

The jury took two hours to find him guilty and he was sentenced to six years for that offence.

Islam was also jailed for two years for possessing heroin and crack cocaine. Those offences were committed last April at his parents’ home in Amberley Street.

Islam had claimed he was blackmailed into hiding the drugs in his bedroom for £50 a week.

Judge Davey told defence barrister James Bourne-Arton: “The defendant is not very bright.”

“That is perhaps an understatement,” said Mr Bourne-Arton, asking that Islam’’s “age and immaturity” be taken into account for sentencing.

He said: “There is no evidence of high-living.

“He is vulnerable with no great ambition to be a rich and successful drug dealer. His greatest desire is for his family to forgive him.”

Judge Davey ordered that the prison sentences be served consecutively.

4 thoughts on “Muslim Heroin Dealer Described As ‘Not So Bright’ As Judge Jails For 8 Years”

  1. Afghanistan is now a beacon of islamic ‘peace’ so send this louse back so he can enjoy his living paradise.

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