‘Assault’ Appeal Launched After Teen Grabbed By Muslim Taxi Driver

What is it with Muslim taxi drivers that makes them think they have some Allah given right to put their filthy hands on lone passengers who happen to be a woman or schoolgirl. It has been happening way way to much over the last year or so to be isolated incidents. Whenever it does happen and police appeal for information its always the driver is described as ‘Asian’ not the driver is described as white,black,oriental or anything else. The same when its a report of a court case involving a taxi driver attacking a female passenger. Its never a John Smith or Kim Wong before the bench, its a Mohammed Islam  or something similar.

I remember watching a Louis Theroux documentary called “A Place for Paedophiles” which showed some tests they were doing on nonces due for release where they hooked them up to a machine and showed them pictures to measure the reactions to viewing them. Any sign of arousal resulted in failure and they were kept locked up.

Maybe they should consider implementing similar tests for potential taxi drivers. So not only do they have to know routes from A to B. But are hooked up to a machine and shown images and videos of the type of females that may at some point get in their taxi. Various scenarios such as a 13 year old in school uniform, a glamour model wearing a tiny skirt showing a little to much leg and tits hanging out, a gobby chav type who doesn’t want to pay the extra £3 thats been added on top of the actual fare and the scenario that to a Muslim male is often like a red rag to bull. The drunk 19 year old that can barely stand up after a night on the town.

Any sign of aggression or sexual arousal by the subject resulting in failure and no taxi drivers licence being awarded.


 muslim taxi sign


‘Assault’ appeal launched after teen grabbed in taxi dispute

Police are investigating an alleged assault in Hatfield

By Ewan Foskett

Tuesday, March 11, 2014 3:19 PM

An appeal has been launched after a teenager was bruised in a dispute over a Hatfield taxi fare.


Herts police is asking witnesses to come forward after a 19-year-old woman’s wrists were grabbed by a driver.

She managed to wriggle free and walk away from the silver Volkswagen.

A spokesman for the force told the Welwyn Hatfield Times: “It looks like she was going to [pay for the journey], but the incident happened and she walked away.”

A police statement has described last Wednesday’s “incident” as an assault.

It happened in Briars Wood at around 6.45pm.

The driver, an Asian man with white hair, is aged around 50.

PC Joe Clapham, investigating, said: “Thankfully the victim was not seriously hurt but did receive bruising.

“We would like to speak to anyone who was in the area at the stated time and remembers seeing an altercation between a man and a woman or anything else unusual.

“We believe a silver coloured Mercedes may have driven past at the time of the assault and we would like to speak to the driver as they may have witnessed the incident. Please contact me if you were this driver.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact PC Clapham via Hertfordshire Constabulary’s non-emergency number 101, citing crime reference B2/14/787.

Alternatively call Crimestoppers, the independent charity, anonymously on 0800 555 111.

via ‘Assault’ appeal launched after teen grabbed in taxi dispute – News – Welwyn Hatfield Times.

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