Iraq’s New Family Law Is ‘Legalization of Paedophilia’ And Makes Women Into Sex Slaves

As the rest of the World moves forward with time, Islamic nations stand still and stagnate. Worse still in the case of Iraq, new draft laws will be like a time machine taking it back a thousand or so years. To a time when Islamic practices were even more savage and backwards than today. The new laws if approved next month will drop the age limit to marry from 18 to a much lower age such as 10 or 12 years old, together with new laws that a woman must never refuse her husband sex or leave the house without his permission. The child brides will be little more than legal sex slaves for their paedophile older husbands who will be emulating how their sexual predator prophet behaved 1500 years ago

Protests Call Iraq’s New Family Law ‘Legalization of Pedophilia’

By Judit Neurink
Posted 2014-03-10 21:51 GMT
Women in Kirkuk condemn Iraq’s draft family law (Photo: Alsumaria TV).

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — Calling it legalized pedophilia, Iraqi women activists and others have come out in force against a proposed change of the Iraqi family law that will make it legal to marry a girl of nine.

“The law deprives women of their dignity and human rights and deepens the sectarianism in Iraq,” says Hanaa Edwar, who heads the Al-Amal Association that strives to improve the socioeconomic situation of Iraqi people.

The outrage against the draft Iraqi status law, due to go before the Iraqi Parliament after legislative elections in April, focuses mainly on the proposed lower marriage age for girls, which is now set at 18.

“They are looking towards young children for having sex,” Edwar says. “Parents with daughters feel disgusted by it.”

Edwar quotes a nine-year-old who spoke at a protest, saying she is playing with her friends, getting muddy and having to be washed every day. “She said: ‘I am a child, and I do not want to get married.’ A very simple and effective message.”

At the same time, child marriages are increasing in Iraq. Edwar knows many girls of around 10 being married in a religious ceremony outside the courts. Often, after a couple of months, a divorce is announced. The background is poverty, she says, with parents agreeing for money.

“A girl will be a mother at 12, with no registration for mother or child, so no ID, no rights and no healthcare. They deprive her of her education. Already half of all the girls in rural areas are illiterate, and this will increase that number even more.”

Edwar is supported by Yanar Mohammed, the president of the Organization for Women’s Freedom in Iraq. “The draft (law) is all about the sexual pleasures and rights of men,” she says. “It is an abuse of children’s rights and their bodily integrity.”

She points out that the new law also arranges alimony in case of a divorce. “When the wife is too young or too old for sex, no payment is needed. There is no mentioning of a loving agreement, a female is just a body to be enjoyed.”

Mohammed calls the draft law “something that people might have agreed to two thousand years ago, but not today. But the religious men in expensive suits who speak in the name of God do not ask the people whether they want it or not.”

The proposal has been based on the Shiite Ja’fari school, called after an eighth century Shiite imam. A Supreme Shiite Judicial Council in the holy city of Najaf will supervise nationwide religious tribunals that will settle family matters, and will give the Shiite clerical establishment a larger say in Iraq’s legal system.

The legislation will amend the status law originating from 1959, which was then one of the most liberal of the region. It will apply for the majority of Iraqi citizens, who are Shiites.

Iraq’s council of ministers ratified the draft, proposed by the Shiite Minister of Justice Hassan Al-Shimari. Of the 29 ministers present at the cabinet meeting, 21 voted in favor. Yet clerics in Najaf have already distanced themselves from the bill. They had not expected so much opposition, suggests Mohammed.

It was not only the legalization of child marriages that caused an outcry, but also other articles that interfere with the freedom and status of women, such as one that stipulates women over 18 years of age must still have fatherly consent for marriage. Another objectionable article says that a woman cannot leave the home without the permission of her husband. “Her rights are being confiscated,” concludes Edwar.

There is anger about the proposed right for men to have sex with their wives, and the fact that women cannot refuse. The proposal that a Muslim man cannot marry a non-Muslim, other than in a temporary marriage, even contradicts Islam, as Edwar points out.

Protests against the draft went to the streets of Baghdad on International Women’s Day. Edwar announces an advocacy campaign “to make people aware of the consequences. Most illiterate people hear it’s based on Ja’fari (law) and think it must be good.”

She will lobby with decision makers in and out of the parliament, but thinks pressure from outside Iraq is essential. As Iraq has ratified Cedaw, the international convention against discrimination of women, the UN has already asked for the withdrawal of the draft law.

Yanar Mohammed is convinced that “Iraqi people will not agree to the legalization of pedophilia,” but she also took to the streets and is campaigning against it. “The objections come from all sides, and the number of women who raised their voices is high.”

There are also men speaking out, she says. “The politicians tried to make it seem as if all is done in a democratic way. But this is against all our rights. They cannot have it their way.”

6 thoughts on “Iraq’s New Family Law Is ‘Legalization of Paedophilia’ And Makes Women Into Sex Slaves”

  1. I went to iraq in 2009 erbil actually and i stayed with a muslim family those women were not allowed to go out unless with a family member also its common practice for one family to say marry children when they are born so they say my daughter for your son these children are not aware of this until they are much older when you go into town all you can see is men loitering round the shops with the odd family i also visited the christian part which was a totally different atmosphere altogether men and women going about their daily stuff but i hear stories that the muslim men go there for drink and sex with non mulims.

  2. Reblogged this on behindertvertriebentessarzblog and commented:
    Afriika have POLYGAMY famaly, indogen, no live with homosxuality or sodomie! [Afirika hat Polygamie als anerkannte Fürsorge der Familie und deren Aufgaben, nach internationalem Recht von 1936, Court of CIVIL] Kinder – Klau und Mißachtung von Staatsrechten, nicht weit von mir in der BRD GmbH werden Kinder geklaut und Staaten mißachtet und Scheinrichter besorgen auch noch im Lande selber arabischen Frühling mit der Firma USA – Neue Weltregierung! Was für ein Abschaum sich da aufmacht, sieht man auch an der Parlamentsarmee, die sich mit einem Namen des deren Söldner umgibt – Bundesheer – und so auch in Gambia, Westafrika Land raubt und in BRD GmbH Menschenhandel mit Asyl betreibt! Illegale Pass- und VISA- Beschaffung, BUSSINESS-Aufenthalte und auch illegal DIPLOMATIE austeilend, sind diese Zeiten für alle Menschen auf der Erde ein Problem! NWO macht System-Leben in Sklaverei mit Computer-Programmen und deren Überwachung! Glück, Auf, meine Heimat!

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