Waqas Hussain And Unnamed Teenager Charged With New Years Eve Rape

Waqas Hussain and an unnamed teenagers New Year celebrations didn’t involve participating in non halal activities such as drinking alcohol and listening to music like most people were doing. They celebrated by keeping a female somewhere against her will and raping her.

For some reason very drunk lone female incapable of making rational decisions, staggering down the street springs to mind !!!

Man and teenager face charge of rape

8:40am Saturday 8th March 2014 in News

Witney Gazette: Oxford Crown CourtOxford Crown Court

A man and a 15-year-old boy have been charged with carrying out a rape on New Year’s Eve.

Waqas Hussain, of Prescott Avenue, Banbury, appeared over a video link from Bullingdon Prison yesterday for a hearing at Oxford Crown Court.

Together with a teenager, who cannot be named for legal reasons, he faces one count of rape and one count of false imprisonment on December 31 last year.

Neither has entered a plea and their next hearing will be on March 31.


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