Iran Court Orders Man’s Right Eye Gouged Out

I am surprised they are actually prosecuting the attacker and not putting it down to being his rights to inflict violence on women. The female must have the four witnesses needed under sharia to counter the male attackers evidence.

In the UK we often hear about Muslims wanting sharia law. After spotting this it made me think maybe they could receive sharia type punishments for their actions. The pervert Muslims who can’t keep their wandering hands to themselves and grope women on buses or in the street could have them chopped off. Muslim rapists and paedos who are responsible for the Muslim rape epidemic destroying the UK could be castrated preferably with a rusty blunt knife after ramming a red hot poker up their backsides so they know how it feels to be violated without consent.

Iran court orders man’s right eye gouged out

Report says man could also have his nose cut off after blinding girl with acid

By Staff

Published Thursday, March 06, 2014

An Iranian man should be sentenced to having his eyes gouged out after pouring acid over a young girl’s face leaving her blind, an Iranian court has ruled.

Opposition group, The National Council of Resistance of Iran, said the man could have his right ear and nose cut off as punishment for attacking the girl with acid, causing her to lose her eyesight and right ear, according to the British Daily Mail.

The man was convicted last October of intentionally attacking the girl, it said.

The national council said Iran’s high court defended cutting off the body parts of those found guilty of a crime, and removing eyes, as part of the country’s judicial system.

Last month, the state-run Mehr news agency, reported another Iranian man was sentenced to have one hand and one foot cut off as punishment for an unspecified crime.

As many as 95 people are thought to have been executed in Iran this year.

via Iran court orders man’s right eye gouged out – Emirates 24/7.

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