Moazzam Begg Is Not A Victim Of Some Conspiracy, He Is A Terrorist


Muslims and their leftist appeasing friends across the UK are foaming at the mouths and claiming foul play following the arrest  of Moazzam Begg on terror charges last week . Moazzam Begg has managed to elevate himself to something of a minor celebrity status since being released from Guantanamo Bay where he was detained by the Americans for involvement in terrorist actives in Afghanistan.

Moazzam Begg is one of four people arrested last Tuesday on suspicion of terrorism offences linked to the Syria conflict. Begg was arrested by the West Midlands police on suspicion of attending a terrorist training camp and facilitating terrorism overseas. He appeared in court on Saturday charged with providing terrorist training and funding terrorism overseas and was remanded in custody to appear at the Old Bailey on 14 March 2014.

The reaction of British Muslims and the Far Left shows their irrational frame of mind. High profile converts like Tony Blair’s deluded sister in law Lauren Booth and victim of ‘Stockholm syndrome’ Yvonne Ridley alongside anti British communists from the Socialist Workers Party and their front group ‘Stop The War Coalition’ are throwing their support behind Begg, claiming he is the victim of some anti Muslim conspiracy.

Any sane person who looked at the facts and the background of Begg would realise that this man is dodgy. At the very least he could be considered  an ex jihadist fighter who still actively supports Al Qaeda linked extremists fighting jihad abroad. Campaigning for jailed terrorists release from prison including those who have murdered innocent people and planned terrorist attacks.  Right up to being still actively involved in terrorism,a recruiter of fighters and fundraiser for Islamist groups waging jihad abroad.

Mozzam Begg likes to portray himself as an innocent Muslim caught up in the USA’s war on terror in his book. Many years before Gitmo authorities had linked Begg with terrorism. 

There are some notable gaps in Mr. Begg’s memoir. The book does not mention that while working as an interpreter at a government welfare office in 1994, he and a friend were arrested and charged with defrauding the DWP. It was alleged the money obtained by deception was funding jihadist groups overseas. Following his arrest the police found a night-vision sight, a bullet-proof vest and what news reports called “extremist literature” at Mr. Begg’s home.The charges against him were later dropped for lack of evidence, but his friend, Shahid A. Butt, pleaded guilty and served 18 months in prison. Mr. Butt was later convicted with seven other Britons of plotting a terrorist bombing in Yemen, where he served a five-year sentence.

In early 1998 Mr. Begg, by then married, with two small children, moved his family to Peshawar, Pakistan, on the border with Afghanistan. He describes the period as idyllic, with evening strolls through a local park and a quick trip to visit another training camp in Afghanistan, this one run by Iraqi Kurds. He and his wife socialized primarily with members of the town’s small Palestinian community, as well as some Arab and Afghan veterans of the anti-Soviet jihad.

But the book does not mention one Palestinian friend, Khalil Deek, who also lived in Peshawar at the time. The United States 9/11 commission described Mr. Deek, a naturalized American, as an associate of Abu Zubaydah, a senior Al Qaeda lieutenant of Palestinian descent who was also in Peshawar then, recruiting new operatives and sending them to train at Afghan camps.An American counterterrorism official who began tracking Mr. Begg in 1999 said the Central Intelligence Agency and MI5, Britain’s domestic intelligence service, suspected Mr. Begg of working with Mr. Deek to create a CD-ROM version of a terrorist manual, “Encyclopedia of Jihad,” which Mr. Deek gave to two Palestinians who plotted with Mr. Zubaydah to bomb tourist sites in Jordan.

After he returned to Birmingham in the summer of 1998, he and a friend opened an Islamic bookstore, which he described as a meeting place for young Muslims, including some who later fought in the separatist struggle in Kashmir.Mr. Begg received a first visit from an officer of MI5 soon after the shop opened. A year later, in late 1999, dozens of police agents searched the book shop and Mr. Begg’s home. They were raided again in February 2000, and Mr. Begg was arrested under the Prevention of Terrorism Act, but was released without charge.

In July 2001, little more than a year after his arrest, Mr. Begg moved his wife and children to Afghanistan. Despite the Taliban’s status as an international pariah for its treatment of women and its hospitality toward Al Qaeda, the Beggs saw it as a fine place to raise a family.Like any good Muslim would do, especially an extremist terror linked Islamist like Begg.On Jan. 31, 2002, Pakistani intelligence agents and C.I.A. officers burst into their home, pulled a hood over his head and took him away.

CagedPrisoners, the group Begg fronts have campaigned for the release of terrorists such as hate preachers Abu Qatada and Abu Hamza. Two vile Islamofascists who promoted terrorism and most of the UK were glad to see the back off when they were finally deported last year. Babar Ahmad was another they recently campaigned for alongside the far left, claiming he was a completely innocent of all charges. Just a shame for them he pleaded guilty of all charges before an American Federal Court. They held fundraising events for murderer  Dr Aafia Siddiqui who killed American soldiers in Afghanistan.

Cagedprisoners  are the equivalent of some group of ex child killers, fundraising and campaigning for the likes of Ian Brady and Myra Hindley claiming their human rights have been violated. Scumbags who try to make terrorism and murder by Muslim extremists  acceptable by blaming UK / USA foreign policies. Two wrongs never make a right yet in the mind of an Islamist, liberating Iraq makes any Islamic terrorism anywhere in the world acceptable.

When then American President George Bush ordered Moazzam Begg’s release in 2005 from the Guantánamo prison camp, United States officials say, he did so over objections from the Pentagon, the C.I.A. and the F.B.I. — all of which warned that Mr. Begg could still be a dangerous terrorist. How right they turned out to be

 “He has strong, long-term ties to terrorism — as a sympathizer, as a recruiter, as a financier and as a combatant,”     US  Defense Department spokesman, Bryan Whitman.

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