Derby Muslim Jailed For Sexual Advances On Teen During Job Interview

Females are safe nowhere from unwelcome predatory sexual advances when in the company of Muslim males. A 17 year old job-seeker found that out the hard way during an interview for a job. Mohammed Khan claimed in court he was  in a loveless marriage and has very severe depression and is looking for affection. Like that somehow makes his actions justifiable in some way. Thousands of men are feeling the same as that yet don’t go out taking advantage of teen girls.

Derby company boss jailed for sexual advances on girl, 17, seeking job

By Derby Telegraph  |  Posted: February 28, 2014

By Sarah North

Mohammed Khan was jailed for nine months at Derby Crown Court for his sexual advances to a 17-year-old jobseeker.Mohammed Khan was jailed for nine months at Derby Crown Court for his sexual advances to a 17-year-old jobseeker.

A COMPANY chief has been jailed for nine months after trying to force himself on a 17-year-old girl jobseeker he saw on the internet.

Mohammed Khan, 37, responded to her advert on the Gumtree website and offered work delivering leaflets, Derby Crown Court heard.

But he was not interested in her CV and did not ask her questions, saying she did not need any experience. And after initially arriving in a van, he turned up the next day in a Mercedes car with blacked-out windows and said that he wanted “to doss” instead of delivering leaflets.

He asked the girl: “When are we going to bang?” She knew this was a reference to sex and replied: “We are not.” Khan told her: “I do want to help you. There is nothing wrong with a bit of fun.”

“She told him: ‘You are only doing this because I am young’,” said Noel Philo, prosecuting.

After driving her to Allestree Park, Khan asked: “Do you want a tester?”

Mr Philo told the court: “She knew he was referring to kissing her and she said ‘no, I don’t want to. It would be really awkward.'”

He briefly pressed his lips on hers before saying: “I should not have done that. You need more time.”

Khan of Molineux Street, Derby, admitted sexual touching on November 12, 2012. He was put on the Sex Offenders’ Register for ten years.

Judge Ebrahim Mooncey praised the girl for resisting Khan and told him: “It was unnerving for her and she felt uncomfortable.

“You were on the Gumtree website and came across a photograph of a 17-year-old girl. It is clear she is young and she told you very early she was 17.

“She put it in her advert saying she was looking for work. You are exploiting your position and you never offered her employment.”

The judge said Khan had a previous conviction for “a very similar matter” and added: “That is very worrying indeed.”

A Sexual Offences’ Prevention Order was imposed on Khan, who runs a cleaning business. This bars him from being alone with any girl under 18 unless her guardian is present.

Katherine Goddard, for Khan, said the company’s turnover was £18,000 last year with a profit of £4,500. He worked part-time in a restaurant but his “financial position is extremely poor”.

Miss Goddard told the court he had already organised counselling for his problems, adding: “He seems to accept the need for help and shows a very real expression of shame and remorse for, in his own words, ‘creating another victim’.

“This is a man in a loveless marriage and has very severe depression. He is a man looking for affection.”

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4 thoughts on “Derby Muslim Jailed For Sexual Advances On Teen During Job Interview”

  1. I suppose this is one of the reasons in their culture why they cannot be left alone with a female other than a female relative they are womanizing sexual predators that make my fleshcrawl.

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