Afghan Asylum Seeker Raped 19 Year Old In Bolton

Another heinous rape committed by a Muslim parasite who by rights shouldn’t even be in the country to commit a crime. Afghan refugee Najeeb Ahmedzai claims he fears being killed by the Taliban if he is deported at the end of his sentence. TOUGH SHIT.

I’v got news for the nonce….”Our soldiers have been giving their lives in your shithole of a country to get rid of the Taliban from power so you have no reason not to of been repatriated before now already. Our government is to soft to do that instead they allowed you to stay but  you failed to adhere to our laws. The moment you unbuttoned your pants to rape that girl you overstepped the mark. You have no right to be here and the taxpayer shouldn’t have to fund an uneducated, illiterate and unemployable scumbag rapist for the rest of their life….sling it your not wanted”

Refugee raped 19-year-old in locked bedroom

11:57am Monday 24th February 2014 in News

The Bolton News: Bolton Crown CourtBolton Crown Court

A WOMAN was locked in a bedroom and raped after accepting an invitation to visit a man’s house.

Afghan refugee Najeeb Ahmedzai was jailed for four and a half years after pleading guilty to raping the 19-year-old woman on February 26 last year.

Philip Dobson, prosecuting, told Bolton Crown Court how the teenager had received a text message from a man she had met at New Year, inviting her to his home.

Against the judgement of a friend, she accepted the invitation and, when she got to the house in Lawson Street, Astley Bridge, she found Ahmedzai there as well.

The two men plied her with vodka and when she told them she was tired they went upstairs to a bedroom with her.

Mr Dobson said the bedroom door was locked and she was left alone with Ahmedzai, who raped her.

“She did not know what was happening. She was protesting,” said Mr Dobson. Ahmedzai would not allow her to use her mobile phone, but she managed to dial 999 to call for help after telling him she needed to go to the bathroom.

Ahmedzai had left the house when police arrived and was arrested at an immigration office five months later.

Denise Breen-Lawton, defending, said Ahmedzai, who is believed to be aged 24, was illiterate and uneducated and feared being killed by the Taliban if, as is likely, he is deported at the end of his sentence.

Jailing Ahmedzai, Judge Timothy Stead told Ahmedzai the rape has had a devastating affect on his victim.

He said: “She has suffered depression and has spent time in a hospital as a result. What you did has affected her badly.”


3 thoughts on “Afghan Asylum Seeker Raped 19 Year Old In Bolton”

  1. Usual excuse by muslims if deported back to their hell hole country they will be killed, What a lie. And fucking our authorities fall for it .

  2. Its all bullshit and lies they come here using different names and dates of birth to the ones they use back home then when this stupid government give them a passport where is the first place they go yes back home to the place they say they are in fear of their lives as soo as these crimes are committed they should be put on a plane back to their own country.

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