Oops Looks Like I Opened A Can Of Worms Over Legoland Muslim Day

Oops I think i have opened up a can of halal worms with last Saturdays post about Legoland hosting a Muslim day


How things can change in week.Just over a week ago  I posted about plans for a Muslim day at Legoland Windsor that’s taking place on March 9th. The event is organized by  Muslim Research and Development Foundation which is run by notorious hate preacher Haitham-al-Haddad. I actually stumbled upon the details for the event by mistake whilst looking for information on something else. After looking at the event details and looking around a few other British counter jihad activists sites and doing a few searches there was nothing about this event other than on Muslim websites. Therefore i felt it in the public interest to post about the event.

Fast forward a week to now. Not for one minute did i expect for it to have become as high-profile topic as it has done.  It wasn’t until the next day when i noticed the website page views rocketing with the Legoland post getting 4,000 + views in the space of a few hours that i realised somebody must have picked up on it and shared. It turned out fellow patriots from the EDL and Casuals United had taken the news to a wider audience and began making some noise about the event.

There is a piece in today’s Express about it and judging by the comments of the UKIP councillor for Windsor the locals are pretty incensed about the prospect of coach loads of extremists from East London Mosque turning up. The public have also made their opinions known in the comments section and almost everyone has been against the event.

The Daily Star have also picked up the story with its readers comments expressing fury about Legoland.The article  pretty much slammed Legoland and Haitham-al-Haddad group who are organizing the event stating that this day is geared up for Muslims only, despite the claims anybody is welcome. Anybody who knows the workings of political Islam will see the ‘all welcome’ claim as the taqiyya it really is.

I’m considering rounding  a few people up and attending, putting their ‘all welcome’ claim to the test. I’m thinking me, an orthodox Jew dressed in their usual all black attire with the curls in their hair. A homosexual couple who are camp ,very loud and proud. A good-looking page 3 girl type with a big cleavage and in a mini skirt showing off a lot of leg. Finally to make the numbers up, a Muslim apostate in a Jesus/Mo t-shirt. We will go with a completely open mind,no bad attitude or intentions and a smile on our faces. How welcome do you think we would be ?????

Ever since starting this blog i have constantly maintained its intention is to open people’s eyes and make them aware to what is happening around them. Just like i was blinded to the true nature of Islam until a couple of years ago. I would have been happy if in the blogs whole lifetime only 10 people who were like me, getting on with life blissfully unaware had their eyes opened. Hopefully they will then tell others what they have learnt about the stealth jihad happening every day right under our noses.

Knowledge and raising awareness is the only way to stop Islamization as people can only object to things they know about. Media bias and selective reporting suppressing things the public should hear about only helps the Islamists. So on a personal note as i got the ball rolling so to speak,  it is satisfying to see that this is getting publicity and the general public are hearing about stuff and objecting. This was clarified to me by the 1000+ visitors that came this week from women’s website Mums Net which is definitely not Islamophobic, right-wing,EDL Supporters, ETC . A few of those visitors used the contact form to message saying how disgusted they are with Legoland and what is the country coming to. 

Hallelujah… Mission accomplished i may considering retirement now…….or maybe not.


6 thoughts on “Oops Looks Like I Opened A Can Of Worms Over Legoland Muslim Day”

  1. KC,

    You cannot think of retirement. You, and others like you do such important work in educating the silent majority, we need you and others like you to not only continue, but to broaden your horizons and reach a larger audiance.
    Well done.

    White Urso

  2. Excellent piece, stick at it,enlightening the not so blissfully ignorant.
    Good luck on the day, stay calm & do not give in to the inevitable provocation which will occur.

  3. Keep on pointing out the poverty and insanity of the Mohammedan cult, and the Golden Age Socialists that brought them here as part of the whole family of Dissociation of Affection sexual deviants who class themselves as victims; to be fed before the normal child is.

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