Two Muslims On Holiday In Torquay Sexually Abused Girls Aged 12

Two more Muslim sex fiends who’s perverse sexual antics with minors will now cost the taxpayer approximately £70,000 per year to keep behind bars as they head off to the bighouse for an extended stay.

The Islamic child abusers both claimed that because of their strict Muslim upbringing, they couldn’t resist temptation and were mentally immature . Is that an admission that Islam makes followers backwards or something? Both tried to gain the judges sympathy with their claims of being immature and couldn’t control their deviant sexual urges with comments such as “trying to act a lot older than his brain could cope with.”

Even if they were immature and of  a low IQ, there is still no justification for their sick sex crimes. They are both well aware of the difference between right and wrong. Sex with 12 year olds is very wrong and they know that they just didn’t care thinking they would get away with it because they didn’t live in Devon.

Tourists jailed for sex acts with girls aged 12 in Torquay
By Western Morning News | Posted: February 13, 2014
Mohammed Islam

Masudur Rahman

A pair of tourists have been jailed for groping two 12-year-old girls who they met on a holiday beach in Devon.

Mohammed Islam and Masudur Rahman left the beach at Torquay and went with the girls to the nearby Torre Valley Park where they took part in sex acts with them.

The two 19-year-olds were on holiday with friends from the West Midlands and were tempted by the girls because their strict upbringing meant they were inexperienced and immature.

The girls were just 12 but lied about their ages and said they were 14 and were willing participants in everything that happened, Exeter Crown Court was told.

Both men had never been in trouble before and were respected members of their communities. One was a volunteer at a youth club and another about to start an economics and business degree at a university in London.

Islam, of Bevan Road, Tipton, admitted two assaults by digital penetration and one sexual assault and Rahman, of Slater Street, Tipton, admitted one assault by penetration and one sexual assault.

They were both jailed for two years in a Young Offender’s Institution by Judge Francis Gilbert, QC and ordered to remain on the Sex Offenders’ Register for life.

He told them: ”You were both on a beach in Torbay and started chatting to these two girls who were strangers. There was some flirting and you went with them to a rugby field near the railway station where they were both assaulted sexually.

“It was, to put it politely, a sordid sexual encounter. You both say they participated willingly and I accept that basis of plea.

“I accept they told you they were 14 but they were in fact 12 and they were complete strangers and even if they were 14 they were still under age and you were aged 18 or 19 at the time.”

Miss Emily Pitts, prosecuting, said the two defendants were on holiday in Devon on September 5 last year and were on a beach in Torquay with a group of friends when they met the two girls.

She said: ”They were both aged 12 but they told the defendants they were 14 and there was some flirting between the two groups.

“When they went to a field nearby there was consensual sexual activity between them. Mr Islam digitally penetrated both and they masturbated him and Rahman digitally penetrated one and was also masturbated.

“Neither defendant has ever been in trouble before and we are not seeking a Sexual Offences Prevention Order in either case.”

Miss Sarah Buckingham, defending Mr Islam, said his strict upbringing had left him naïve and ill-equipped to cope with the encounter on the beach.

She said: ”He is a young man of positively good character. He behaved in a way that was impulsive and immature. He poses no risk of reoffending and feels he has brought great shame on himself and his family.

“He cannot justify his behaviour by his strict upbringing but he knows he has a lot of growing up to do. He was trying to act a lot older than his brain could cope with.

“He has done everything he can to correct what he did in September last year.”

Mr Nicolas Gerasimidis, defending Mr Rahman, said all the same factors applied to his clients’ case.

He passed up a reference from organisers at the Tipton Young Asian Women’s Forum and said Rahman has been a voluntary youth worker in his community.

He said: ”He is a young man of good character who at the time was immature and inexperienced and was unable to bridle his affections.

“There were no aggravating features; no planning, no alcohol, no threats, no abuse of trust or use of weapons. He is genuinely repentant.”

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