Pervert Taxi Driver Threatened To Sexually Assault Woman In Manchester

More inappropriate behaviour from a sex pest Muslim taxi driver. The pervert black cab driver harassed a female to get in his taxi resorting to making threats of a sex attack if she didn’t. He must of thought the woman was as thick as him. Who in the right mind would get in a car with somebody who has already threatened to rape them because its obvious what will happen if she did.
If the cab driver filled up in the petrol station then why have they needed to issue an efit to identify the man? Every single petrol station has CCTV covering all the pumps and the payment window. Many with numberplate recognition technology which also logs the number plates. Let me guess…..Muslim run garage and the camera system wasn’t working/forgot to be switched on/ some other fault. They can’t grass on their own to infidel police, that would make them a bad Muslim.

Taxi driver threatened to sexually assault woman if she did not get into his cab

14 Feb 2014 14:32  By Pete Bainbridge

Detectives have now issued an efit of the man after he made the comments at a petrol station in Whalley Range


A taxi driver threatened to sexually attack a woman if she did not get in his cab.

Detectives have issued an efit of the man after he made “disturbing” comments at a petrol station in Whalley Range.

The victim, in her 20s, was walking along Wilbraham Road in the evening of December 4 when the driver whistled at her as he filled his car with petrol.

She ignored him but moments later he drove up alongside her in his Hackney cab.

He asked her to get inside and told her he had something to tell her.

After repeated attempts to talk her into the vehicle he said: “Get in my car or I will sexually assault you.”

The victim managed to escape.

Police are hunting the offender and have released an efit of him.

He was described as Asian, in his 30s, 5ft 6in tall with a bald head.

At the time he was wearing a cream cardigan and combat-style trousers.

Pc Peter Brobbey, said: “The victim understandably felt threatened and intimidated throughout this incident, which lasted several minutes.

“The man has made some disturbing threats and we need to identify him.

“If you recognise someone from the description, particularly if this matches someone who drives a black cab, please get in touch.”

Anyone with information should call police on 0161 856 4423, or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.


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