Pregnant Mother And Toddler Threatened With Knife By ‘Asian’ Male

Police have released an efit of an ‘Asian’ male who threatened a pregnant woman and her young child with a knife after jumping in her stationary car. The woman was taking the toddler to play school when the savage jumped in the car pointing the knife at the 2 year boy. What kind of spineless lowlife vermin threatens a little kid like that with a knife.

This  is the sort of crime that you can imagine happening on the streets of a lawless backwards town in a Muslim country. Lahore and Islamabad in Pakistan or Kano State in Nigeria. Not in London, England where our society is meant to be civilized and people are meant to respect each other. The mass influx of Muslim immigrants look to have wiped all those standards.

Police mustn’t want to catch the Muslim responsible for his crime as it has taken them almost 2 months to appeal for information 

Police issue e-fit after pregnant mother is threatened at knife point

5:20pm Tuesday 11th February 2014 in NewsExclusive By Louisa Clarence-Smith

Your Local Guardian: Do you recognise this man?Do you recognise this man?

Police have released an E-fit to identify a man after a pregnant mother and her toddler were threatened at knife point on their way to playschool.

The frightening incident took place on Tuesday, December 17, at the Sir Joseph Hood Memorial Playing Fields car park in Motspur Park.

Maria Medina, 42, was parking her car when a man jumped into the passenger seat and brandished a knife at her two-year-old son strapped into the back seat.

Mrs Medina instinctively jumped out of the car and begged the man to let her son out too, but he demanded she got back in, saying “everything would be ok” if she did.

As the terrified mother looked around for help, the man appeared to lose his nerve and ran off.

He fled the scene in a blue hatchback, possibly a Citroen, Peugeot or Vauxhall, driving towards Marina Avenue.

The man is described as Asian or Indian and aged between 25 and 35 years old.

Mrs Medina said he had a chubby face and was wearing dark or black clothing.

Detective Sergeant Grant Donnachie, said: “The motives of the male are as yet unknown, and whilst we have not had any similar previous reports made to us, this is an especially concerning matter as it involved the threat of violence involving both a knife, and with a child present.”

Were you at the venue on the day and time shown? Did you see anything around that time that caused you a concern? Do you recognise the image of the man?

If you can assist, contact WimbledonPolice Station by dialing 101, or alternatively contact Crime Stoppers anonymously on 0800 555 11, quoting picture reference URN 140458.


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