Media Silence Again As Another Muslim Grooming Gang Rumbled In Peterborough

This weeks press has given plenty of space to the usual drivel about people like Sally Bercow  and Justin Bieber that nobody is really that interested in and isn’t that newsworthy. The media did find room to report several ongoing child abuse scandals because they involved public figures like William Roach, Dave Lee Travis and Rolf Harris.

How many national newspapers, TV stations or other news outlets covered the fact that another Muslim grooming grooming gang from Peterborough has been charged and face trial. None other than local rag Peterborough Today!

Muslim sex ring members Yasir Ali, (28), Mohammed Aslam, (23), Daaim Ashraf, (19), and Akash Yasin, (18), are said to have sexually abused, raped and trafficked eight 14-year-old girls. The mainstream media don’t consider it as newsworthy enough to report unlike who some big brother contestant is kissing. The media has been infested and is pretty much controlled by Muslim appeasers and leftists. Purposely concealing the truth about the Muslim rape jihad epidemic against British women and children.

Trying to keep the public in the dark and unable to to see the true whole picture in case it upsets Muslims and leftists is political correctness gone mad. People cant speak out against things they have no idea about and it allows the far left traitors and the Islamists to carry on with their stealth jihad claiming grooming gangs aren’t a Muslim problem, trying to sell Islam as something good not what it really is.If it was white Brits abusing Muslim children it would be big news for weeks and splashed across every frontpage but because Muslims aren’t the victims the media have chose to ignore it.

The media silence does nothing to help eradicate the sick grooming gang epidemic from our society. If anything it is adding more problems. The Muslim community are in denial choosing to look the other way. They will continue to do that until the whole scale of the problem becomes public and the pressure becomes to much that they have to address the situation

Four charged over abuse of young girls in Peterborough

  • by Stephen Briggs

Four men will stand trial accused of running a sex ring which abused young teenage girls in Peterborough.

Yasir Ali, (28), Mohammed Aslam, (23), Daaim Ashraf, (19), and Akash Yasin, (18), are said to have sexually abused eight 14-year-old girls.

The charges include sex trafficking and rape but the indictment – which is likely to feature more than 20 counts – has not yet been finalised.

Legal teams are currently preparing the final documents for a hearing later this month.

The men did not appear at the Old Bailey in London for the hearing into the case on Friday.

The trial will be the second major court case looking into the sexual abuse of young girls in Peterborough, following conviction of five defendants earlier this year in a separate investigation.

The prosecution applied for the new case to be moved from Peterborough Crown Court.

Prosecutor Nicola Devas said: “It follows on the back of a not dissimilar trial which was heard in this court a short while ago.”

Mr Justice Sweeney agreed with the prosecution’s submission, and said a Peterborough court would not be able to host the trial.

He said: “This is not a case which can be accommodated at Peterborough in any event.”

The judge set the trial for March 24 at Cambridge Crown Court.

It is estimated to last between four and five weeks.

Ali, of Grange Road, Peterborough, Aslam, of Grange Road, Peterborough, and Ashraf and Yasin, of no fixed address, are due to enter their pleas to the indictment later this month on February 21.

The new case is unconnected to the previous sex ring case, which concluded in January: Two men and three boys guilty of sex offences.

5 thoughts on “Media Silence Again As Another Muslim Grooming Gang Rumbled In Peterborough”

  1. The Filthy Lying Mass Media is dominated by JEWS, JEWS!!!! These Paki Filth are let into Europe by JEWS! THEY then cover up these filthy dogs crimes against Whites because they HATE US! WAKE UP!!!

  2. Enough is enough. America, when up over 500,000 Muslim/Refugee/immigrants are being relocated to the United States. It’s time to turn back this trend. Did you vote for that? No one voted on this? For the real truth Google “TheProjectMuslimBrotherhood” it is their secret doctrine to destroy America from within. Guess what they are succeeding folks. One only has to look at England, Belgium, France, Germany, and the rest of Europe today, It is sad what Paris has become, mainly due to the Muslim immigration; take a good look at Europe and that is America in 25 years, unless something is done to prevent “theprojectmuslimbrotherhood” from making further inroads into America, our cities, schools, universities and textbooks and yes, even our own government. Multiculturalism is literally destroying Europe. You give them one inch and they will eventually erode our American culture. There are now over 700 “Islamic no go Muslim Zones” within England, France and Germany. Islam is not a religion but a political ideology; it is the antithesis of a free society. Take a look at Dearborn, Michigan,, Tennessee, New York, Indiana, S. Dakota, California and Colorado have so far most of the immigrants what State next? I have no problem with the “peaceful Muslim” that wants to integrate into our culture and follow our laws. The problem lies in that they want to dominate and force Islam and Sharia law upon us all. Awareness is the issue, put the word out folks, most families are just trying to survive and pay their bills, working two jobs, raising their children. They just don’t have the time to keep up with what is really taking place across America today and the mainstream news will not carry it due to political correctness. Just not acceptable here in America folks Stand up and be counted. “When good men and woman our quiet evil always wins” Forget about be labeled a racist, or being politically correct, multiculturalism is not good for America. Let them adapt to our culture, period Amen. Again for facts and truth Google “theprojectmuslimbrotherhood” speaks volumes on the intent to destroy us from within. Who will stop this “insanity” from becoming a reality in America? Jews, Christians, Priests and infidels are being slaughtered and Christian churches are being burned to the ground, enough is enough folks. Where is the condemnation of these acts from all the Muslims that are here? There are nearly 3 million here already yet you barely hear any of them condemn the atrocities. What you do will affect your children and grandchildren and future generations of America yet to come. Stand up and be counted to defeat this real threat upon America. Europe is losing the battle already, and America will be next.

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