Legoland Windsor To Host Muslim Only Day On March 9th

The Islamic group who organized the Muslim only EID day at Chesington World of Adventure last year have announced plans for another Islamic event. Event 2 is to take place at Legoland in Windsor on March 9th. The organizers are promising lots of fun halal activities for Muslim families. Alongside all the children’s rides that Legoland has to offer there will also be prayer facilities and halal restaurants. Direct coaches are planned from the epicentre of Muslim extremism in the UK, the East London Mosque in Tower Hamlets. Given ELM dislike for males and females mixing company its likely the charabancs will be sex segregated.

Legoland Windsor To Host Muslim Only Day On March 9 the islamization of England, Stealth jihad, islamist takeover

By the Grace of Allah, on the back of our highly successful 1st Eid Fun Day at Chessington World of Adventures – we are launching our 2nd Family Fun Day at LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort – with the hope that the two events will become the standard and annual fundays for decades to come, insha’Allah.

FamilyFunDay is a family centred event where we aim to bring Halal entertainment/environments for Muslim families in the West. The aim is to provide a true alternative in which like minded families can enjoy safe and enjoyable time while at the same time conducive to their faith.

  • Family Fun Day is aimed at the whole cross section of the Muslim populace of UK and Europe.

  • To provide a real alternative for our Muslim families where they can enjoy a Fun Halal activities with thousands of other Muslims & their friends in an environment more in line with their faith.

The dhimmi management of Legoland by facilitating a Muslim only day are putting £ before Britain’s future, aiding and abetting our nations Islamization. Discriminating against non Muslim families by hosting an exclusive fun day for  Muslims where British infidels are not welcome. It will be worth remembering this next time you plan a family day out. Give Legoland a miss and visit Alton Towers or somewhere instead.

12 thoughts on “Legoland Windsor To Host Muslim Only Day On March 9th”

    1. Perish the thought of an infidel only day where Muslims are not welcome. That would be racist / islamophobic. Muslims would moan like hell playing the victim. Tell Mama and apologists like Mehdi Hasan and Mo Ansar will ensure every TV station and newspaper report about it in a extremely bad way claiming its anti Muslim hatred. The UAF and other commie cunts would be up in arms making trouble until the event was cancelled by the venue.

    2. When I Richard Branson trip to outer space, and how much for a 1 way ticket? Will the ‘trip’ be for muslims only? Can a few British be smuggled on board – Oh’, & is a visa warranted!

  1. This is not exactley teaching integration is it which makes these people think they have special rights above others i think if this is the case set days for a particular group of people i think this place should be boycotted by every sikh jew and christian as we are not given speacial treatment who do they think they are micheal jackson he would hire a theme park for himself and guests.

  2. Er…you DO realise that this event is open to non Muslims as well don’t you?

    They have booked a private venue (yes LEGOLAND is a private venue) for a Family Fun day…this even is OPEN TO MUSLIMS AND NON MUSLIMS ALIKE.

    All you need to do is google “Muslim Family Fun day LEGOLAND”, find their website and book tickets.

    I am not Muslim but I would attend happily….not that I can. Then again as 2500 other folks have booked I’ll take my chances in the school holidays.

      1. “Picked up by muslim brothers”!!! Are you assuming the age range would be 8/10/12yr olds’ or is that too old for grooming?

  3. …and while we are on the subject of the private venue… would ordinarily be closed that day. I cannot get worked up about the fact that a group of people have booked it….and opened up their event to people who are not a part of their group.

    I am guessing though that my comments don’t meet the sentiments of this site!

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