Syrian Refugees Complain About Swedish Hospitality

At times there is no pleasing Muslims. You give them an inch and they demand a mile, especially when somebody else has to foot the bill for it.

Refugees who fled from war torn Syria and were kindly taken in by Sweden are complaining about the free accommodation they were provided with. On first arrival in Sweden they were housed in a luxurious castle on a temporary basis. The Swedish authorities moved the Syrians to new less prestigious accommodation which didn’t meet the high standards the asylum seekers wanted provoking fury. 13 of the refugees took it on themselves to hire cars and return to the castle and stage a sit in refusing to leave.

They deserve a one way ticket back to Syria for their ungratefulness. 

Large Ekebergsvägen is one of the refugee castle driven by asylum contractor Bert Karlsson.
Large Ekebergsvägen is one of the refugee castle driven by asylum contractor Bert Karlsson.


Translated from Swedish article

Displaced against their will

Some of those who returned to the Great Ekeberg. Photo: Ing-Marie Jonsson

January 31, 2014 05:00

Skaraborg. dirt and crowds, it was what met the 25 persons who moved from Stora Ekeberg to Lugnås. Now, eleven of them back.

On Wednesday, 25 people were moved from the Great Ekeberg. But the environment that met them on site at Lugnås got several of them to return.  
On Wednesday, 25 people were driven from Stora Ekeberg to camp in Lugnås. But the evening had eleven themselves returned and was disgusted at how they are treated and the environment at the new housing. They fill in each other’s stories and interpret each other in English.Views and opinions are pretty unanimous about the day’s events. 
– It was much worse there. Messier and crowded. Three families would live in a couple of rooms, but women can not live with a strange man. There was nowhere to get changed and no doors. When we complained they said we could work from there.  A woman points out that there were conflicts with those who lived there who would not throng with more. – We got it resolve itself told the staff and left us.  Aya Touka and her mother Haj Hasan Fattah reacted over patronizing treatment in Lugnås.  – They threw out plates of food for us. We have gone to Sweden which is known to treat people humanely. We are not animals. I am a doctor and my mother engineer and where she is a hairdresser, says Aya and pointing to the third woman. Haj Hasan Fattah prefer Stora Ekeberg but think it is just too isolated.  – We were promised houses but instead we end up on another worse time. Migration Board cheated us, says a woman who looks just exhausted.  Her son points out that she is sick.  According to the Migration Board’s Head of Skövde Margaret Johnsson made ​​relocation because the contract for the 200 landing places on the Great Ekeberg expires end of January and will not be extended. Instead, the number of residents on the Great Ekeberg down to the 200 previously approved sites. – We have had very many who came to Sweden in autumn and Christmas, but now we see a decrease and relocates to places where there are vacancies. Primarily, we have coatings corresponding basic agreements. Swedish Migration Board visited Big Ekeberg on Thursday and listened to the complaints about Lugnås. – We’ll sit down, take a tie-backs and follow this up, promise Margaret Johnsson but can not indicate where the eleven protesters be placed. Is the standard worse on Lugnås? – We must look at now.

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