Girl Is Approached By Possible Sexual Predator In Grimsby

Police appealing for info after a girl was approached in Grimsby in the street by a possible rape-jihadist. Muslim predators on the prowl in cars can be seen after dark in most towns and cities where there is Muslim residents if you know what your looking for.Usually they frequent the main roads where groups of schoolgirls may congregate or pubs where drunk women will make there way home from. They will be the one driving at snail pace compared with the rest of the traffic whilst they scan the pavements. Often driving erratically doing U turns or parking up outside takeaways and petrol stations where the pavement its well lit and can see people walking past clearly. Obviously not all are rapists, most are hovering for an easy shag. Just some of them don’t know when to call it a night and will go to any length to get the sex they crave. Even when it means having to take what is not on offer.

Police appeal for information after girl is approached by suspicious man in Immingham

Police are appealing for information after a schoolgirl was approached by a suspicious man in Immingham.

The 14-year-old girl was walking home alone at around 7.30pm last night when she was approached by a man in a silver car on Hadleigh Road.

The man pulled up alongside the girl, got out of the car and attempted to talk to her.

The girl ignored the man and walked away. He then shouted a comment as she walked along Pilgrim Avenue and then drove away.

The girl was not injured, nothing was stolen and the man did not make any physical contact.

He is described as being short, thin and of an Asian appearance. He had short, dark hair and was wearing a black padded coat.

Police are appealing for anyone who may have information in connection with the incident to call Humberside Police tel 101 quoting crime reference AE/2023646/2014.

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