Southend Residents Delight As Illegal Mosque Finally Closed Down

On July 4th 2012 the very first Kafir Crusaders post was published. The subject of  it was a bungalow being used as an  illegal mosque in Southend. Neighbours were furious  as the council allowed tiny bungalow to be used as an ‘illegal’ mosque for 200 worshippers. It was also used as  a community centre and even applied for taxpayer funding to put on classes.The property was extended without planning permission and neighbours  complained about noise, rubbish and extra traffic.

Yet the council seemed uninterested in acting against the Muslims running illegal mosque despite the neighbours constant complaints. Now almost a year and a half later the council have finally got round to shutting it down.

NEIGHBOURS are delighted an illegal mosque has been closed down after a four-year battle.

Workmen have finally begun converting the Jaafriya Islamic Welfare Centre, which saw up 150 people cram into an old bungalow in Fairfax Drive, back into a residential property after a legal wrangle.

Martin Terry, Independent councillor for Westborough, said: “It has been a long battle, but I’m glad they are finally doing what they should have done in the first place.

“I hope they can find a successful and appropriate place for it elsewhere.

“I’m happy the residents can get some peace and quiet.”

A wrecking crew was on site yesterday knocking down a huge rear extension the owners built without planning permission as a hall for worshippers.

Workmen must also change the building, which had separate toilets for men and women and was used to teach children and hold services, back into dwelling.

The bungalowwill then be sold as the Shia Muslims look for a new centre.

Planning officers met the owner, who insists no services have been held there since December 23, to thrash out what work is needed a fortnight ago.

Paul Collins, Lib Dem councillor for Westborough, said: “It is reasonable to assume the building work being carried out is in line with these plans.

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