Video: Syrian Rebels Enforce Brutal Sharia Law

The civil war in Syria is a complex situation. What started out as an uprising by the people against a brutal regime has been hijacked by hard-line Islamists who have seen the opportunity to seize the power and create an Islamic state ruled by sharia law. Think Taliban era Afghanistan and you will not be far off their intended goal.

The Islamist forces with ties to terrorist organizations like Al-Qaeda and funded by Wahabi oil money have been bolstered by Muslim fundamentalists from across the World wishing to participate in jihad first hand. Experience which will prove invaluable when they return back to their non Muslim lands to pass on to other extremists.

For those Syrians living in towns that are now under Islamist groups control its a case of out of the frying pan into the fire. With no police or government forces there to uphold the laws of the land. The Islamofascists are enforcing sharia law acting as judge,  jury and in some cases executioner. Luckily for the accused in this video the punishment wasn’t as harsh as the death penalty, although barbaric and inhumane all the same. A public whipping as a crowd of blood thirsty men watch on.

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