Media Silence On Muslim Grooming Gang From Leeds Getting Jailed, 2 Were Illegal Immigrants

Yet another gang of Muslim child groomers jailed for sexually abusing girls as young as 11 in Leeds. Two of the filthy nonces were illegal immigrants and the third already locked up in prison by the time it came to trial for three other sex offences.

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10…..sorry i had to take a deep breath and count to 10  because my blood is absolutely boiling at everything about this one. The crime, the soft sentence, that two of three weren’t even legal in the UK and most of all that the mainstream media do not consider it worth reporting.

Given the very young age of the victims 11 and 12 and the nonces knowing full well they were well under age the jail sentences were extremely low. The two illegal immigrants one was given 6 years for rape, the other was given 12 months for sexual assault. The only paedo who was eligible to be in the UK was given 18 months which will not bother him in the slightest because he is already doing 4 and a half years for other child sex crimes

At this very moment in time after much searching for reports this gang, to the best of my knowledge there is a grand total of one local paper The Yorkshire Evening Post(where i saw it) covering the story. Girls as young as 11 and 12 years old being given drugs, groomed, abused and raped by Muslim takeaway workers that are not even meant to be in this country in the first place is obviously not as important news as Celebrity Big Brother, Justin Biebers drug habits or some boy-band member called Harry getting his arse out which are some of today’s top stories in the press.

The leftist influenced media with their pro Muslim bias would rather suppress important news which is in the public’s interest to know about because it involves Muslims and may damage community cohesion if the public know the truth. That yet another grooming gang has been jailed and the paedophiles were yet again MUSLIM like almost every other recent case has involved them.

If its not public knowledge, it makes the ‘its not a Muslim problem’ claims we keep getting told more believable.

Takeaway staff jailed after girls were ‘groomed’

Mohammed Hussain.

A girl of 12 was raped after she and her friends were sexually exploited by three men, a court heard.

Takeaway restaurant workers Mohammed Hussain, Shah Miah and Harris Uddin were jailed after a court heard how they groomed the vulnerable youngsters for their own sexual gratification.

The men were driving home from work in the early hours of the morning when they spotted the girls – two aged 12, one aged 13 and one aged 11 – in Cross Flatts park, Beeston, Leeds.

Leeds Crown Court heard the girls were frightened of going home because they had stayed out long past their parental curfew. Miah, 28, struck up a conversation with the girls before persuading them to go back to his home nearby in Woodview Street. The men offered the girls cannabis and played pornographic films before two of the girls were taken upstairs.

Hussain had sex with one of the 12-year-old girls as the victim asked him to stop during the attack. Uddin tried to remove the trousers of one of the girls but stopped when she asked him not to. All three men were arrested later the same day, in March last year, after police were informed.

Hussain pleaded guilty to rape and was jailed for six years and eight months. Uddin pleaded guilty to sexual assault and was jailed for 12 months.

The court heard Hussain, 28, and Uddin, 30, were in the country illegally as overstayers. They face deportation to the India after completing their sentences

Miah pleaded guilty to facilitating the commission of a sexual offence against a child. He was jailed for 18 months.

The court heard Miah is also serving a four and a half year sentence for sex offences against three other children.

Det Supt Pat Twiggs, Head of Crime for Leeds District, said: “These men preyed on these vulnerable young girls in a premeditated way to sexually exploit them. The circumstances of the offences included grooming behaviour leading to the appalling sexual abuse of victims that were clearly underage.

6 thoughts on “Media Silence On Muslim Grooming Gang From Leeds Getting Jailed, 2 Were Illegal Immigrants”

  1. We the infidels can rant and rave as much we like nothing is going to happen to musims of this country . Matter of fact they have a upper hand.

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