Muslim Councillor Makes Homophobic Remarks During Row With Fellow Councillor

Muslims love to play on political correctness when they have the chance to portray themselves as the victim. Yet they suddenly forget about all things PC when they are spewing their homophobic insults like Farooq Ahmed a Rochdale councillor. Police apparently want to question him about homophobic insults he made to a fellow councillor during a heated argument in the street.

The bust up seems to stem from the Muslim grooming scandal in Rochdale that brought shame on the council for social services constant failure to act because they were scared off being branded racist by Muslims. Allowing the abuse to continue for years. Farooq Ahmed sent his fellow Muslim councillors an email objecting to the Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk criticism of the Muslim community saying they are in denial grooming is a problem with them.

Councillor Ahmed’s email objecting pretty much shows the MP was spot on with his comments by making denials burying his head in the sand with the rest of Rochdale’s Muslims. They turn a blind eye and do nothing about it because it doesn’t really effect them, they will just come out with the  “those men are not proper Muslims” line if they have to. The paedos rarely target their own .The victims are not Muslims so it’s not their problem and they continue to throw up a wall of silence protecting those involved.  If it was white Brits grooming Muslim schoolgirls, you could bet your last pound that it would be a completely different stance all together.

Finance chief quizzed by police over ‘homophobic’ insult at fellow councillor

27 Jan 2014 11:21 By Jennifer Williams

Farooq Ahmed, who is in charge of finance at Rochdale council – was questioned by officers over the weekend.

A top councillor is being investigated by police over claims he screamed homophobic abuse at a fellow councillor in the street.

Farooq Ahmed, who is in charge of finance at Rochdale council – is due to be questioned by officers.

Witnesses described seeing him rowing with fellow Labour councillor Neil Emmott on Cheetham Street in Rochdale on Thursday afternoon.

During the bust-up – seen by a number of passers by – Coun Ahmed is alleged to have hurled a homophobic insult at his colleague.

He was not arrested but was due to be questioned by police.

It is thought at least one witness has given a statement about the fracas.

Councillor Emmott represents the West Middleton ward, and lives in Heywood.

The row is not the first time Coun Ahmed has hit the headlines.

In 2012 he was suspended by the Labour party after a video emerged of him appearing to smoke cannabis – but Coun Ahmed was adamant it was a mint cigarette.

He was eventually reinstated.

Labour are understood to be watching the progress of the latest case before deciding whether to suspend him again.

It is believed Wednesday’s row was sparked by emails sent by Coun Ahmed attacking the town’s MP, Simon Danczuk, over his views on the town’s grooming scandal.

Mr Danczuk has repeatedly said the Asian community is in denial over the issue.

In his message to eight fellow Asian councillors, Coun Ahmed called the MP’s views ‘absurd’ and ‘derogatory’ adding: “This man must be stupid to bluntly make comments against all Asians being masters of child sex exploitation in child grooming cases.

“We should stand up against this or just carry on being a puppet to this man.”

In response Mr Danczuk described the email as ‘misguided’ and ‘disappointing’.

The bust-up also further exposes deep divisions within the town’s Labour party.

Coun Ahmed is a close ally of council leader Colin Lambert – who has repeatedly traded public insults with Mr Danczuk on a range of issues.

Coun Emmott works for Mr Danczuk in his constituency office near to where the row took place.

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