Muslim Thugs Attack Student On Way Home From Pub

Another hate crime that isn’t a hate crime committed by Muslims against a non Muslim victim, the report tucked away in the local press. Student  Connor Edwards was on his way home from the pub using the motorway underpass when thugs  Shahbaz Ahmed and Mohammed Ellihi approached him where they robbed him terrorising the student into a genuine fear for his life. Had the victim been a Pakistani in traditional Muslim dress would they have done exactly the same. Highly unlikely.

At the trial it was revealed  they had over 30 convictions between them. Unfortunately they are two of many Muslim youths who behave in an anti social, lawless manner in East Lancashire’s Islamic enclaves of  Burnley, Blackburn, Pendle and Nelson

Pendle student was attacked in motorway subway

6:00pm Saturday 25th January 2014 in News

ONE of two ‘drunken’ muggers who terrorised a student in a late-night subway attack had his arm in plaster – and was identified and arrested when he turned up outside a police station.

Burnley Crown Court heard how Shahbaz Ahmed had targeted victim Connor Edwards with his accomplice Mohammed Ellihi just three days before, in an M65 underpass. Police swooped and detained Ahmed when he matched the description given of the bandaged robber and the 20-year-old victim’s stolen iPod and earphones were found.

The hearing was told Ahmed claimed he didn’t lay a finger on Mr Edwards and said he would take police to the house of the ‘guy who did it’ in Charles Street, Nelson.

The victim had been threatened he would be stabbed with a nine inch screwdriver during his ordeal. He was left fearful of groups when going out.

Ahmed, 25, of Park Avenue, Barrowford, and his co- defendant, 20, both admitted robbery, last October 16. They were jailed for 20 months.

Denise Fitzpatrick, prosecuting, said Mr Edwards had been to a pub quiz and at 11.20pm was in the subway under the motorway walking home. He was listening to his iPod through his earphones.

The defendants were at the entrance and Ahmed asked if he had any cigarettes.

Ellihi warned him: “Come on, just give us some fags. It could save your life.”

Miss Fitzpatrick said both defendants then simultaneously searched Mr Edwards’ pockets. Ahmed got the victim’s wallet and took £13 and then pulled his iPod and earphones from his jacket. Ellihi then pulled a nine inch screwdriver from his pocket, waved it towards Mr Edwards in a stabbing motion and told him: “Just get lost or I am going to stab you.”

Both defendants had criminal records, with more than 30 offences between them.

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