Wanker Of The Week=Weyman Bennett, For Ban Tommy Robinson Call

socialist wanker Weyman Bennett you are a first class wanker for trying to make out somebody who is against Islam is worse than terrorist killers

Wanker Of The Week award goes to communist race agitator Weyman Bennett for his comments in response to  Tommy Robinson being invited to speak at a Holocaust Memorial Day event in Ipswich. Only days after Unite Against Fascisms last display of mind boggling treachery where they came out in support of Egyptian terrorists Muslim Brotherhood in London. Bennett reacted to ex EDL leader Tommy Robinsons planned attendance in a typical Stalinist fashion trying to silence people with differing views to his own. Intimidating those organizing the event to withdraw Robinson’s invite at any cost even if it means pulling the entire thing.

Bennett and the UAF managed to get the college to withdraw support for the event because the former EDL leader was going to speak with their scaremongering,attempts to stir up ill feeling and threats of protests. UAF exaggerate and use Islamophobia as a way to gain funding and recruit members for the SWP who pull their strings.

In another display of the warped working of communist minds Bennett claimed “It is an insult to have those with Islamophobic views on a platform about Holocaust Memorial Day”  yet never even mentioned the convicted IRA murderer who planted the Brighton hotel bomb attempting to kill then Prime Minister Mrs Thatcher and her party members. Nor did the UAF object to a member of banned Islamofascist group Al-Muhajiroun having a platform.

Did Tommy Robinson murder anybody? Did he try to blow up the leader of our country?  Did he call for EDL members to commit acts of terrorism? Did he fund-raise for terrorists ? Did he publicly give his endorsement to acts of violence? Did he demand for an extremist takeover of the UK ? Does he hate this countries armed forces, the same forces who fought the Nazis and freed the Jewish prisoners from the death camps?  No

So why single Tommy Robinson out from all the speakers when he did none of the above unlike the other two speakers?  Its because he is a white, British, gives a shit about what’s happening to the country he loves and had the balls to stand up to the Islamists. He is the easy target and it allows the UAF to maintain their anti-racist charade, maintaining their strong ties with the IRA supporters and Islamic extremists they are in bed with.

One of the criticisms aimed at the EDL from the real far right extremists was their support of  Israel and Jewish people. Wouldn’t that make a reformed Tommy Robinson a good candidate to speak? The UAF/SWP have no right to talk about insulting people regarding the Holocaust given their Jew hating stance and their past Holocaust denial where they claimed it was only disabled, lgbt and trade unionists who were mass murdered in the Holocaust.

Weyman Bennett you are a first class wanker for trying to make out somebody who is against Islam is worse than terrorist killers

Ipswich: Former EDL leader to address event on Holocaust Memorial Day

Former EDL leader invited to address event in Ipswich for Holocaust Memorial DayFormer EDL leader invited to address event in Ipswich for Holocaust Memorial Day

Matthew SymingtonWednesday, January 22, 2014
10:55 AM

Organisers of an event on Holocaust Memorial Day in Ipswich have invited Tommy Robinson, the former leader of the English Defence League, as a guest speaker.

The event on Monday, January 27, was originally planned to take place in conjunction with the Education Quarter Multi Faith Chaplaincy at Suffolk New College and University College Suffolk.

However the colleges have since disavowed themselves entirely from the talk and organiser JIMAS has decided to proceed independently.

Muhammad Manwar Ali of JIMAS, who is also a fellow of Suffolk New College and a member of the chaplaincy for SNC and UCS, said it would be a “solemn occasion” to mark the Holocaust.

It is not yet known where the event will take place. Other speakers will include Holocaust survivor Frank Bright; Pat Magee, who was convicted of planting the IRA’s Brighton Bomb; and Umme Thara, a former member of Al-Muhajiroun.

Mr Ali said the idea behind the talk was to get those involved to make a “clear cut commitment against anti-Semitism and any kind of hatred and genocide.

“We’ve all been on a journey and we want to give a powerful message from ex-radicals to say they’re rejecting it and say ‘never again’.”

Mr Ali invited those who doubted the sincerity of Mr Robinson’s rejection of the EDL to challenge him at the event.

“He’s free to say what he likes, if he doesn’t say it that proves that he’s insincere or dishonest,” he said.

Yesterday Unite Against Fascism, who wrote to the college urging them to cancel the talk, said they would support those in the local area who wished peacefully to oppose the event.

Weyman Bennett, joint national secretary of UAF, said: “Tommy Robinson has outlined that the views he had whilst he was with the EDL have not changed.

“This is not a gathering to pay respect to the millions of Jewish people murdered by the Nazis in the Holocaust instead it will be used to by Robinson and other former EDL member Nick Jode to attack Islam.

“It is an insult to have those with Islamophobic views on a platform about Holocaust Memorial Day. We call on the organisers to withdraw their invitation to the former EDL members.”

Olivia Marks-Woldman, Chief Executive of the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust, said: “Local Holocaust Memorial Day events are organised and led by local activity organisers, for local communities. The Holocaust Memorial Day Trust provides resources, support and guidance to help plan successful activity.

“We do not ‘approve’ events and do not tell local activity organisers what to do. However, we made it clear to organisers of this event that Mr Robinson’s presence may detract from the central messages of Holocaust Memorial Day. Ultimately, any decision to cancel the event is made by them.”

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