Salford C of E School Failed To Inform Parents Of Islam Themed Day Until After When Asking For Donations

I received a rather disturbing message today from a site visitor which kind of hits home how far Islamization has infested our society via the backdoor. It was from a concerned parent of a pupil at St. Marks C of E School in Worsley, Greater Manchester detailing a letter the school had issued to parents . Below is the message in its entirety. Obviously with the senders details removed to retain their anonymity.

  Hi my * children go to the same CofE School. After picking them up tonight all the Parents of the School received the following email. None of us were told this was planned, normally we get advance notice and are asked to pay up front for any event the School puts on. To be blunt, this is blatant Lefty indoctrination and needs stopping ASAP.

Dear Parents and Carers, We have been very fortunate to welcome Islamic artist and author Razwan Ul-Haq into our school today to work with the children. Our day started with a very interesting and entertaining assembly where Raz talked about the five Pillars of Islam, and informed the children that Allah is the one God we Christians worship. Using examples of his own art work, and those of Arabic artists around the world, Raz showed how the four arabic letters of Allah can be used to create some beautiful calligraphy. The children spent the morning creating their own pictures using the word Allah in many creative ways and produced some very thoughtful pieces of art. To link with our week’s theme of Hippo Time is OK, where we are helping the children to understand that it is ok to feel sad sometimes as long as we don’t ‘wallow’ too long, Raz spent the afternoon teaching the children some meditation exercises to help them relax and find peace and calm when they are stressed or upset. The day has been such a success and the children have expressed how much they have learned about Spiritual art, and reflecting on God. It is for this reason that I hope you will be able to send a contribution of £1 per child to school this week. This will help school cover the cost of having Raz with us today. Thank you for your ongoing support to school and our work

 Razwan Ul-Haq has even tweeted the unicorn picture the children at the school made from the words Allah

Leftist teachers are now using their position to sell a whitewashed version of Islam to children who also happen to be the countries future. Brain washing them whilst they are young before they have found out the true barbaric nature of Islam.

The school failed to inform parents about the Muslim appeasement which many may of objected to until after it had took place ensuring all pupils took part and that the irritate parents could do nothing about it then have the nerve to ask for donations towards the cost of teaching the pupils about a religion they do not follow nor asked to learn.The version of Islam they taught the children is not the same religion practiced around the World by Muslims.A tiny fraction of real Islamic teachings with all the bad bits removed and some lies thrown in to make it more appealing.

Quite big lies as it goes in claiming that Allah is the same God as Christians pray to. FALSE.  “Allah” was  the personal name given to the moon god, the highest of the 360 pagan idols worshipped by Muhammad’s tribe  in Mecca, his home town. While Christians worshipped the God of the bible.

Did Razwan Ul-Haq tell the children that the prophet Muhammed ,the perfect Muslim was a cold blooded killer?? A thief ??  A paedophile?? A bigamist ?? A sex obsessed deviant?? A necrophiliac who had sex with a corpse??  A sexist?? A woman beater??     No i bet he didn’t tell them that.

Ok how about how he spread Islam by the sword?? Started wars and millions were slaughtered because of him?? How he told his followers to wipe out Jews and Christians just like them until the World becomes Muslim dominated?? 

Unfortunately the education system is riddled with PC loving leftists who are encouraged by their communist union leaders to teach far left ideologies about how great immigration and multiculturalism is to the voters of tomorrow.The UK’s largest teachers union the NUT just so happens to be lead by Christine Blower the vice chair of UAF and a SWP member who earns a nice £154,000 pa to donate her members funds to the two groups and encourage those under her influence to teach Marxist and pro Islam views to children.

Miss Blower also likes to blame  British schools ever declining standards on child poverty. Nothing to do with substandard teachers who are more bothered about teaching political correctness than reading and writing is it ??

4 thoughts on “Salford C of E School Failed To Inform Parents Of Islam Themed Day Until After When Asking For Donations”

  1. Would it work the other way round telling muslim parents that a christian is going to come to school today and teach about christan art or faith no i do not think so they would be up in arms they do not want to integrate in any way or form but they expect us to be force fed their beliefs where has our freedom of speech and choice gone if we wish to convert or learn its a matter of choice we don,t want to be force fed.

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