Muslim Can’t Keep Hands To Himself On The Bus Gropes Woman

Second Muslim molester on the buses this week. This time on the 184 between Manchester and Huddersfield. What is wrong with these perverted Muslims that they can keep their filthy hands to themselves doing simple tasks like getting on the bus. 2013 was the year of the taxi rape jihad, the way last year ended and this has started 2014 could very well be the year of the rape jihad on the buses.

23 Jan 2014 08:29

A man on the 184 Manchester to Huddersfield service reached over and grabbed the woman’s breast

Police crime scene

Police are appealing for witnesses after a woman was groped on a bus in Marsden.

A man on the 184 Manchester to Huddersfield service reached over and grabbed the woman’s breast.

Police are treating the attack on the 28-year-old woman as a sexual assault.

The attack happened at 5pm on Tuesday.

The man is described as Asian, aged 30 to 40, with black, greying hair.

He was wearing jeans and a black jacket.

It is not known where he got off the bus.

Police have appealed for anyone with information to ring Det Con Craig Foulkes on 101

4 thoughts on “Muslim Can’t Keep Hands To Himself On The Bus Gropes Woman”


    In Tel Aviv, a few years ago, Mohammedans used to go to the beach & WANK themselves on girls sun bathing!

    Now they have gun toting police on the beaches.

    EVERY blog should give a list of FREE PORN SITES, so these Mohammedans can WANK themselves at home.

    Don’t forget, THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CULT, drove their flock to Mental homes, because they confessed that they were WANKING!



    As much as I hate them, I can understand why they act the way that they do!


    Google ranks Pakistan No. 1 in the world in searches for pornographic terms, outranking every other country in the world in searches per person for certain sex-related content.
    Pakistan is top dog in searches per-person for “horse sex” since 2004, “donkey sex” since 2007, “rape pictures” between 2004 and 2009, “rape sex” since 2004, “child sex” between 2004 and 2007 and since 2009, “animal sex” since 2004 and “dog sex” since 2005, according to Google Trends and Google Insights, features of Google that generate data based on popular search terms.

    The country also is tops — or has been No. 1 — in searches for “sex,” “camel sex,” “rape video,” “child sex video” and some other searches that can’t be printed here.
    No. 1 Nation in Sexy Web Searches? Call it Pornistan
    Kelli Morgan, Fox News, July 13, 2010


    Pakistani Muslims are not alone in their search for porn.
    Google, the world’s most popular Internet search engine, has found in a survey that mostly Muslim states seek access to sex-related websites and Pakistan tops the list. Google found that of the top 10 countries – searching for sex-related sites – six were Muslim, with Pakistan on the top. The other Muslim countries are Egypt at number 2, Iran at 4, Morocco at 5, Saudi Arabia at 7 and Turkey at 8. Non-Muslim states are Vietnam at 3, India at 6, Philippines at 9 and Poland at 10.


    Ha, Ha, Ha

    Pakistan most sex-starved

    Khalid Hasan, Daily Times, May 17, 2006
    Here are the Muslim countries and how they placed in the top five world ranking of various bestiality-related internet search terms:
    Pig Sex: Pakistan (No. 1) Egypt (No. 2) Saudi Arabia (No. 3)
    Donkey Sex: Pakistan (No. 1) Iran (No. 3) Saudi Arabia (No. 4)
    Dog Sex: Pakistan (No. 1) Saudi Arabia (No. 3)
    Cat Sex: Pakistan (No. 1) Iran (No. 2) Egypt (No. 3) Saudi Arabia (No. 4)
    Horse Sex: Pakistan (No. 1) Turkey (No. 3)
    Cow Sex: Pakistan (No. 1) Iran (No. 2) Saudi Arabia (No. 4)
    Goat Sex: Pakistan (No. 1)
    Animal Sex: Pakistan (No. 1) Morocco (No. 2) Iran (No. 4) Egypt (No. 5)
    Snake Sex: Pakistan (No. 1) Malaysia (No. 3) Indonesia (No. 4) Egypt (No. 5)
    Monkey Sex: Pakistan (No. 1) Indonesia (No. 3) Malaysia (No. 4)
    Bear Sex: Pakistan (No. 1) Saudi Arabia (No. 2)
    Elephant Sex: Pakistan (No. 1) Egypt (No. 3) United Arab Emirates (No. 4) Malaysia (No. 5)
    Fox Sex: Saudi Arabia (No. 1) Turkey (No. 4)

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