Blackburn Imam Suleman Maknojioa Found Guilty Of Child Molesting

Blackburn imam Suleman Maknojioa has been found guilty of Child Molesting. The mosque leader abused a child in his care who he was giving Quran lessons to. There has been no shortage of Muslim paedophiles featured on this site. But Muslim paedophiles targeting their own has been a rarity. I wonder if his deviant urges for the girl started when he was teaching about Prophet Muhammeds paedophile relationship with 6 year old child bride Ayesha?


Mosque teacher guilty of child sex offences

9:51am Thursday 23rd January 2014 in News

A Islamic teacher has been found guilty of committing sexual activity with a child during lessons.

Suleman Maknojioa had denied allegations that he touched the girl.

But after a week-long trial and around two hours of deliberations, a jury unanimously found the 40-year-old defendant, of Audley Range, Blackburn, guilty of the five charges.

Speaking after the verdict, Maknojioa said he had ‘no comments’ to make.

Preston Crown Court had heard how the teacher would stroke the leg of his victim, put his hand under her headscarf and squeeze her chest.

The defendant had maintained that he only ever touched the girl to pat her on the back when she had done well or to show her praying positions.

Summing up, judge Michael Byrne said the girl had told the court: “I did not want it, but I was too afraid to say something.

“He was not touching me like ‘well done’. It was not like that.

“He put his hand under my scarf and squeezed my chest.

“You do not do that when somebody says well done.”

The case was adjourned yesterday for the preparation of a pre sentence report.

Judge Byrne said the defendant had been in a position of trust.

He said: “This was contact which stretched over quite a lengthy period of time.

“By virtue of his position, he has access to children generally in the course of his teaching obligations.

“There are serious aggravating features about this case.

“I want to know everything about the defendant’s background.”

Maknojioa, who was released on bail, will be sentenced on February 19.

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