Females Racially Abused By Group Of Muslims In Batley

A woman and her friends we racially abused whilst enjoying a night out in Batley. They were targeted by a car full of racist Muslims in an unprovoked hate attack. Im very surprised that it has actually been reported as racist abuse and not just abuse. Hate crimes committed by Muslims against infidels are much more common than you would think . Only you don’t often get to hear about them for a combination of reasons.

Double standards in the media by jumping on minor incidents and making a huge deal out of nothing when a Muslim is the target then silence when a its the other way round even when it is serious crimes. A perfect example of this happening is when Daha Mohammed who cut the throat of  his wheelchair bound British neighbour killing him. Media silence on a barbaric murder of a man unable to put up any kind of fight.

Police/CPS reluctance to charge Muslims with hate crimes because they are to busy pussyfooting around them and are scared of upsetting them or being branded racist. By rights in an equal world every Muslim paedo who abused a non Muslim schoolgirl should be charged as a hate crime because they are purposely targeting  girls white schoolgirls and the odd incident of targeting Sikh girls. Every random rape jihad incident should be also, every pack attack on non Muslims the same.

Then there is the countless messages containing racist abuse and threats by Muslims to people like myself that dare to speak out against Islam. Which for the record get deleted and not even passed on to the police. Yet Muslim grassing service TellMama log non threatening criticism of Islam as a hate crime and inform the Police pressing for arrests

Woman racially abused in Batley

Police are appealing for witnesses after a woman and her friends were racially abused in Batley.

The victim had been enjoying a night out with her friends when she approached by a group of men in Bradford Road.

One of the men began shouting at the woman before throwing yoghurt over her.

One of her friends also heard males shouting racially abusive remarks from a nearby car.

The incident happened around 10pm on December 14.

Witnesses reported they saw a group of Asian males in a passing car.

Police are keen trace two male witnesses who may have taken down the registration of the car.

Anyone with information should contact PC 4729 Atkin on 01924 295301.

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