Coronation Street Goes Islamic With First Muslim family

ITV are the latest TV channel to try their hand at Muslim appeasing and selling the public a well watered down version of Islam. If they are going to make a big deal out of having its first Muslim family then at least do it properly. Looking at the picture in the Mirrors article about the shows storyline it shows how far away from reality soap operas are.  The new Muslim character looking very un Islamic sat in a bar with a glass of alcohol . If they wish to portray a Muslim they should of had him bearded dressed in those white onsies they wear, moaning about being a victim whilst defending terrorists and grooming gangs. That would be more realistic.

Coronation Street to introduce first Muslim family

The family of newcomer Kal Nasir will be brought into the ITV soap in the near future in a first for the long-running show

Newcomer: Jimi Mistry [left] as Kal Nasir
Newcomer: Jimi Mistry [left] as Kal Nasir

Coronation Street is about to introduce the first Muslim family in its history.

Bosses have decided to bring in relatives of new ­character Khalid “Kal” Nasir, who is played by East is East star Jimi Mistry, 41.

Producer Stuart Blackburn admitted he was surprised to find there had not already been a Muslim family.

He said: “Kal and his son and daughter live with his mum and dad so we’re going to bring them on to the Street.

“And that’ll be the first Muslim family that Corrie’s ever had. Bizarre isn’t it?”

Kal arrived in ­Weatherfield last month and viewers have learned his wife has died and he is a father of two.

Stuart added: “I’m loving Kal. We’ve heard a lot about his kids and now we’ve cast his dad, Sharif, who will be played by Marc Anwar.

“Now Kal is going to open a gym in a complex with shops and restaurants. By stealth we’re going to introduce his family. Sharif is retired and is not rich but has made enough money.

“You can imagine his wife going: ‘You’re no longer going to work 12 hours a day, you blithering idiot’.”

Kal’s storyline means the show, which recently moved to a new home in MediaCityUK, Salford, will get a new set – the gym.

The Nasirs will also be filmed in the Rovers Return – despite Islam’s ban on boozing. Kal has already been seen in the pub drinking orange juice.

Muslim experts have been consulted over this decision and a Corrie spokesman said: “All aspects of their lifestyle, culture and religion has been researched.”

The soap has in the past been criticised for not reflecting the make-up of modern Manchester with more ethnic characters.

EastEnders brought in a Muslim family, the Masoods, in 2007.

3 thoughts on “Coronation Street Goes Islamic With First Muslim family”

  1. load of crap, if these kike sponsored brainwashing filth were accurate the show would consist of 85% mussie, 14% black and 1% whitey!

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