Video: Armed Muslim Thugs Attack New Years Party In Russia

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URGENT! Armed Dagestan attacked the jazz bar in downtown St. Petersburg New Year’s Eve

Despite the fact that several people were in the hospital, the police refused to detain hooligans.

Hospitalization and beatings over New Year’s Eve for visitors jazz bar “NIKO” Kolomna on the street – the institution was attacked by a group of armed natives of Dagestan living in so-called “rubber” apartment above institution. According to bar owners, pressure from the visiting neighbors lasted nearly two months, and Caucasians have previously tried to attack the institution. Details of the incident are set out in the official group bar “Vkontakte”.

“It was not just a fight, and not completed the mass murder of civilians in the midst of the most peaceful holiday. Animals used knives, and kostety dubinki.Bili Professional Beaten unconscious and bleeding already. Beat everyone who comes to hand. Beat as if it could and should go unpunished. Unfortunately what happened.

“Came to the rescue” outfit police detained only one. The remaining 5-ro disappeared in a communal apartment above the bar. Despite the degree of social danger of criminals, the police refused to arrest them on the territory of the apartment.Referring to the standards of humane legislation of the Russian Federation. Protect visitors and will come to expect when criminals themselves, of course, refused, too. ”

As a result of the massacre to the hospital with various injuries were four men, two of whom were later released to outpatient treatment. At the moment, the bar is closed – resume owners plan places after the situation becomes clearer.

Details conflict director Michael Nico bar in comments reported IA “Dialogue”: “Above us is” rubber “apartment, which is home to several Dagestani” moms “who sell Spice and other drugs. They fetched us a long time, about two months pressed. As a result, there is little changed composition, came quite “unfrozen” New Year’s Eve, tried to extort from our art director five thousand rubles. They used knives, knuckle-dusters and batons. One of the victims almost “trampled” in the asphalt. ”

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