The Good News Is Birmingham Jihadis To Pay Proceeds Of Crime-Bad News Is They Are Giving It To Extremist Linked Charity


A group of Muslim wannabe terrorists from Birmingham who were jailed last April for plotting a bombing campaign on British soil, have been ordered to pay proceeds of crime money. They have to pay  £33,000 that they had received in donations posing as official charity collectors. Instead they intended using the money to fund their planned jihad. 

The jailed terrorists have now had their assets seized and will have three months to hand the cash over.

Irfan Naseer, Irfan Khalid, Ashik Ali, Rahin Ahmed, Bahader Ali and Mujahid Hussain were sentenced for a variety of offences which included plotting a bombing campaign in the UK, attending terrorist training camps and fundraising for terrorism.

If you think it sounds to good to be true you would be correct. For in their infinite wisdom the powers that be have decided not to use the proceeds of crime money to the taxpayers benefits by using it towards the huge expense the trial cost. Or the lengthy and expensive police investigation, not even towards the burden of keeping the terrorists behind bars for the remainder of their sentences. NO they are donating the money to Muslim Aid !!

Yes Muslim Aid the extremist linked charity based at the notorious East London Mosque (ELM). The mosque is run by the British arm of terrorist organization Jamaat-e-Islami, Islamic Forum Europe (IFE). Allegedly IFE  also control Tower Hamlets council and the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB).  Muslim Aid, ELM, MCB all have overlapping trustees. It has been claimed that Muslim Aid have been bankrolling IFE, ELM, MCB  in the UK with their funds meant to be used as overseas aid.

Muslim Aid were investigated as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist by the U.S. Treasury in May 2005 for recruiting fighters to join Bosnian Muslim forces and raising funds for jihadis.

Muslim Aid, London is on the official Israeli declaration list of “unlawful associations” for funneling funds to Hamas

Bangladeshi intelligence said to the UK government:

 Another charity Jamaat-e-Islami’s front organisation Muslim Aid is presently under investigation by Bangladesh intelligence agencies for alleged link to terrorism. There are also newspaper reports of Muslim Aid being sectarian in their distribution of relief material. It is alleged Muslim Aid refused to give aid to Hindus and gave aid to Jamaat-e-Islami activists. These are serous allegation and as such we would urge DFID to review its working with some of the Islamist NGOs.

 More in-depth analysis of Muslim Aid’s terror links to Hamas, Al Qaeda and Jamaat-e-Islami can be read here:

Muslim Aid: Hopeless Charity Commission whitewashes yet another Islamist group   –    Daily Telegraph

Yusuf Islam & The Muslim Council of Britain’s terrorism ties – Muslim Aid ‘charity’ funds Al Qaeda & sent Mujahideen to Bosnia     –    Militant Islam Monitor

Muslim Aid and Terror    –    Frontpage Mag

So basically they are taking money that was going to be spent on jihad in the UK and giving it to Muslim Aid to fund jihad overseas with it instead

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