FA’s Investigation Into Muslim Footballers Racist Quenelle Going At Snail’s Pace

The Football Association has released a statement regarding Muslim footballer Nicolas Anelka’s Nazi-style quenelle salute saying it is still ongoing.The also refused to reveal any details of its investigation, or even explain why they should remain secret.

According to press reports this week the FA rejected repeated requests to explain what form the investigation would take, who is conducting it, or even how long it was expected to last — although a knowledgeable source outside the FA said it could take up to four months for any progress to be made.

It has now been two weeks since the West Bromwich Albion player made the gesture as part of a goal celebration during a Premier League match against West Ham United. If their investigation goes any slower it will stop still. Personally i don’t see what exactly they have to investigate.Its pretty straight forward as the pictures are there for all to. Anelka has even admitted making the gesture, only claiming he didn’t know it was a racist sign.

Anelka’s claims he didn’t know the quenelle was racist  is a load of rubbish. Anybody who is non-Muslim or UAF with any common sense knows that he is a liar . The creator of the racist salute some Muslim bigot called Dieudonné, is good friends with Anelka and who he claimed his celebration was a to tribute. The man is a well-known Islamofascist in France with numerous convictions for racial hatred. So Anelka happily poses with his racist mate for his picture making the quenelle and didn’t ask why, yea OK! Did somebody who is that good a friend that he honoured him in a goal celebration, never mention all his racist convictions or that he has started a racist trend off amongst Muslims.The French public are fully aware of what it signifies, so why wouldn’t Anelka know that its racist also.

He is full of it and in a way insulting both the public and the FA’s intelligence by thinking were all idiots.

Did the FA act like snails when Luis Suarez made racist comments to Patrice Evra? Did they say an investigation will take up  to four months? No they came down on him like a ton of bricks and charged him because the victim was an ethnic minority even though it was all based on hearsay and one persons word against another. The whole word saw Anelka thinking he was clever and that he could do it and get away with it.

What kind of message does it send out from the FA with all their anti racism stuff they keep pumping out. They will stamp out racism from football……but only if it is a white person being racist…..if your non white its OK especially if your Muslim as well because we definitely can’t be upsetting the Muslims in case they feel victimized and it leads to a surge of anti Muslim attacks like TellMama claim everything else does.

If the FA are going to run all these kick it out campaigns and ram it down our throats like they did after the John Terry incident. Then at least play it fairly and treat everyone the same irrespective. If not then they only have themselves to blame in future when it carries on happening and they are considered a joke.

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