Video: Islamist Leaders Anjem Choudary and Omar Bakri Acknowledge Sending Jihadists To Syria

Controversial British Muslim extremist Anjem Choudary has been helping to “vet” potential jihadis for combat in Syria, according to a veteran Islamist leader and associate of his Omar Bakri Mohammed in an interview with Lebanon’s LBCI news network, translated by MEMRI

Omar Bakri was dubbed The Tottenham Ayatollah during 20 years in the UK before fleeing to Lebanon in 2005. He offered an insight into the workings of the “Al Muhajiroun” Islamist network he co-founded along with Choudary, which he claimed spans 16 countries and aims to create a “Global Islamic Caliphate” or empire.

“We have sent young men to Kashmir, to Bosnia, to Chechnya, to East Turkestan, to Somalia and even to Palestine,” boasted the Lebanese cleric, continuing to claim that four British recruits had taken part in suicide bombings in the past few weeks in Syria alone. “

It has often been  alleged that Anjem Choudary is on the payroll of British counter terrorism security services,something i had always dismissed until recently. There is definitely something a miss how he always avoids prosecution with his inflammatory comments and his obvious connection to terrorists. If he was a white non Muslim Brit a mere tweet criticizing Tell Mamas Fiyaz Mughal  would be enough to get him arrested for a hate crime like Liberty GB’s radio host did last week.

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