Controversial Bristol Mosque Plans Approved

2014 has began how 2013  finished with more loss of the Britain we know and love as the Islamization continues. Less than a week into the year and already planning permission for a new mosque in Bristol has been given the go ahead by the council. The mosque plans have provoked controversy since they were first submitted. The public made their displeasure known  with a total of 75 letters of objection lodged.  But like so many other councils have done in the past Bristol CC have ignored the local residents concerns and preferring to appease the Muslim community instead.

Interestingly the council rejected 52 of the letters objecting because they appear to be from EDL supporters and were deemed racist. I would be very interested to know if the content of those 52  letters they dismissed on racism grounds all actually contained racist content. Or is this a case of them being dismissed just because the senders were members of the English Defence League? Which would mean the council are discriminating against them as EDL supporters who have as much right as anybody else does.

Did they include references to peoples skin colour as to why they objected to the Mosque. Which to be classed as racist they would need to of done.Islam is a religion and political ideology not a race. Muslims are not exclusive to people of a certain skin colour. Race is irrelevant as Islam is all in the mind and people are free to chose if they believe in it or not. 

The local press are reporting that the EDL are now planning a peaceful protest at the new mosque site. Good luck to the patriots involved.

Green light for mosque on old Jesters comedy club site in Cheltenham Road, Bristol

By The Bristol Post  |  Posted: January 06, 2014

By Marc Rath

 Comments (23)CONTROVERSIAL plans to convert a former Bristol comedy club into a mosque have been approved. The disused Jesters building in Cheltenham Road will be transformed into an Islamic Centre, comprising a mosque, community facilities, a café and a flat.

The plans, submitted to the city council on behalf of the Assahaba Centre in September last year, were criticised by far-right political group the English Defence League (EDL).

The application attracted 23 objections as well as a 388-name petition in support. A further 52 letters of objection – including some believed to have submitted by EDL supporters – were discounted as they were deemed racist.

Some opponents to the move to convert the building into a place of worship said they were worried that a mosque could become a target for attacks by minorities against its new use.

There were also concerns about the look of extensions and alterations proposed for the boarded-up Grade II listed building as well as fears parking and traffic problems would be created on one of the major routes into the city centre.

The decision to give the plans the green light was taken by council planning officers, who agreed the community would benefit from having the landmark building brought back into use.

But the planning report suggested the opening of a mosque in the area could result in community tensions.

The report said concerns had been raised that ‘users of the site are not integrating into the community and that effectively the site isolates itself from the surrounding area’.

The report says: “Whilst community tensions may result from the proposal they are not in themselves sufficient grounds to resist the development.”

It adds: “There are channels and processes in place to tackle and resolve any community tension issues arising from the development and the applicant can be advised of these channels.”

The former Jesters building has been standing empty for almost two years after the club’s owner, David Trew, said the business had become too expensive to operate.

In October last year, the EDL announced plans to hold a protest against the plans in December.

Avon and Somerset police later looked into inflammatory comments advocating an arson attack on the proposed mosque left by people on the EDL Bristol division Facebook page.

In July last year, there were violent clashes in Bristol when the EDL marched through the city centre to protest against what it described as the “Islamification” of Bristol.

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4 thoughts on “Controversial Bristol Mosque Plans Approved”

  1. XX The public made their displeasure known with a total of 75 letters of objection lodged. XX

    Out of a population of HOW many?

    I am as against the building of cameöl sheds as much as anyone here, but from the whole population of Bristol, 75 is fuck all.

    Even if they DO, as always WAS the case, count one letter as ten complaints/approvals. (Given, that it is assumed only one in ten will bother their arses to write, no matter WHAT they think.)

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